Saturday, January 5, 2008

All Better! =)

Ok, after having a down day the other day, there is nothing better than getting away for a little change of scenery. So I got in my car and went on a road trip to see Beth. The drive was a little over an hour and the sights on the way to the city were incredible. The destruction of the trees are just something else to see. It is one of those you have to see it to believe it. I did not get any pictures, I had hoped on the way home to snap a few, but it was dark so not this trip! You just can not imagen how they look, like toothpicks broken off. These trees were just snaped usually near the tops and also big heavy tree limbs, just not able to bare the weight of the ice. So big and little branches alike, nothing was spared. it was just random branches.....gone. A little like life huh?
I got to the city around 2:30 and Beth had me pick her up from Big O Tires having her car serviced. I had not eaten lunch and I was starving. So we went to El Chico. I had my cup of soup, and of course chips and salsa. Beth and I sat there talking, eating and talking some more. It was great. It was fun getting away and spending time with my daughter. She is becoming my friend, I love this stage of life. I want to be friends, not parent/child. And it is getting there. We then went back and got her car, dropped it off at the house then went shopping. She had lost everything in the refrigerator and freezer from the ice storm. Everything. It had been off for over six days, then she was gone another week after that. I told her to throw things out, it was just not worth the chance. So we went to Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market and restocked her kitchen. For Christmas her dad had given her a $50.00 gift card for food. When replacing your whole kitchen, $50.00 is a drop in the bucket. We got fresh fruit, meats, butter, eggs, milk, vegetables, canned foods, boxed foods. No cookies or junk food, just basics. Over $200.00 later we had her cupboards restocked. She was so excited. She is getting where she likes to cook, and honestly things that I don't care for. So this is her own style. Her own likes and dislikes. I am so proud of her. She is standing up for what is right and tries to help her friends. These are qualities in her that I like and respect. She is growing up.
Today we got up and was thinking what would could do. We looked at the kitchen and decided it was time to paint it. She had painted it a while back. Probably about a year or so and it just did not turn out like she had wanted. So we went to Lowes and bought Kilz (she had dark plum or wine color!) and then she took a bowl with her to match the color. It is a greyish brown. Rather neutral, but we have boarder to put up if she wants to add color. It looks nice. We worked hard together but got it all done. Now we want to paint the bathroom and clean her house up. She has toooooo much stuff. For a single girl in a two bedroom, one bath house, she has to much stuff. I told her if she would pay my gas I would come down twice a month and clean her house. But she had to be at work when I did it!!!! She jumped on that one really quickly. I may not have made a good deal here! I know it is hard to work full time, go to school full time (STILL), and try to have a little bit of a life. Now that I am retired I could go and help her. I sure wish she lived closer.
We tried to find me a Wii game. Nobody in Oklahoma City had one. I have decided I really want one. They are really fun games to play and I am now on the mission of finding one. I will keep you posted on the success of this new mission. It would be neat if Beth and I could have a movie night, I clean her house and cook her a meal and we just had some quality "friend" time. I think that will be my New Year's Resolution. Clean Beth's house twice a month. Now if the weather will cooperate, and my attitude stays good, this could be a fun thing to do! I had a really good day! (and I didn't cry!)

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Bethany said...

hmmmm....Twice a month huh??? Sounds like a great bonding bonding with my house since you don't like it :o) chuckle chuckle