Sunday, January 13, 2008

Went Walking

Today was a pretty nice day. Well that is what I was told. I finally got dressed about 1:00ish and then later in the afternoon we decided to take the dogs for a walk. We have never gone walking to the north of our house. There is a lake over the ridge called Pretty Water Lake. They do trout fishing there in the winter, we want to do that here one day soon. But we thought we would walk and see how far we could get. Maybe even make it to the lake.

Well we did find the creek anyways. The dogs liked it and so did I. I have always wanted land with a flowing creek through it. This is not our land, but we went on it anyways. We have heard it might be for sale or might be talked into selling it, either way, we wanted to check it out and see what the land looked like. It was rocky. It had trees, lots of trees, and it is very hilly. Yelp, northeast Oklahoma at its finest. But it has trees. More than I can say for Northwest Oklahoma where I have hence moved from.

Scott had the pups on a long leash. I had Callie when I was not taking pictures (that was for Cara!) Do you know how hard it is to trek through the woods, thick timber and brush, thorns and rocks and carry a really nice camera? Well I can assure you it is not easy. Zoe was on a short leash but left to make her own way for we do not fear her running off very far. She is such a good dog. Rudy did not want to stay in very close, he is my adventurer one. All boy!

This is not the best picture, but I meant to catch the sun. It was just over the ridge and shinning nicely and reflecting on the water. I love creeks. And you should have seen me trying to get over the creek without getting wet. I was glad that I had the camera and not Scott. I also wish I had a video so you could hear the water rippling, how peaceful and wonderful it was. Sure would be nice to have a house right there by the creek and sit out on the porch just listening to the water, frogs and God's wonderful creations.

Happy Birthday Cara. I have thought about you all day. Hoping that you are doing ok with this day. Not having your mother there for this birthday will be a day you will never forget. I just wish I could have been there to put my arms around you, kiss you gently on the cheek and tell you that I love you. I miss your mother and I know she would have been grateful for me to do that. She had a way of being so tender, so loving, so independent. So unique. I loved your mother, I love you girls, and I wish there was something, anything I could do to help make the pain go away. Happy birthday Cara, and thank you Cathy for sharing your family with me.

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