Monday, January 28, 2008

Where's the Deer?

Deer in The woods.
Deep in the woods the deer reside.
Their beautiful coats help them hide.
Soft and quiet with big brown eyes
God's creation here reside.

You will have to enlarge the pictures to look for them.
The deer did not move for the longest time. This picture has three deer looking at me.
I could not believe that these deer stood right outside my fence while I called Scott on the phone to tell him. Then I went back inside to get my camera. Still there I took pictures with a flash going off even and they were still there. After SEVERAL minutes I decided if they weren't going to run off then I would walk closer. So I did. They stood still for me to get even closer. Yes, I have a zoom lens on the camera but I was still within feet of them. Finally with one big snort( an awesome sound to hear for a non hunter) they stomped and then ran off. Not at a dead run, but just fast enough to say, ha, I know you are there but we are leaving now. Up with the tail (big white flag) they jumped off their merry way. I love deer. I would feed them but fear it would just make them more desirable for the hunters!!!!!

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