Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grandkids for the Weekend!

Oh how sweet it is!

This is my dad getting some Allie time at McDonald's. We took Caleb and Allie there to eat lunch and let Caleb play in the neat play area. We needed out of the house.
This is my niece and Caleb. They are pretty close in age, he is one year older but they play very well together.
Callie and Allie
Grandpa, Caleb, Allie, Callie and Rudy all working on a puzzle for Grandma!
I love this!! I do not know if he is just holding her head or what, but other pictures he made bunny ears, and touchdown hand signals, etc. But I think he likes her a little bit.
We were suppose to have Caleb this weekend for some special grandma/pa time. He was feeling a little low that little sister is getting so much attention, he left all his friends in Washington, and his daddy is not here with them. He is still on the ship. And will not be with them until about June except for a short time in Feb for about a week. But having said all of that, when we went to get Caleb momma was needing a break and some rest. So we took Allie as well. It has been a long time since I have had a three month old around. But it was not bad at all. Thank goodness we have easy grand kids to keep. She is such a happy baby nearly ALL the time. And goes to bed so easily, oh great, I just jinxed myself didn't I? We picked them up on Thursday, and will return them on Sunday, a nice break for Sarah. And I will be ready to return them!!!! That's the wonderful thing about grand kids....and you know the next part of the saying, which I am pretty sure will be true. Need I say more?

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