Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year's Everyone! I was so tired from having the kids all weekend that I could not make it till midnight last night!!! I went to bed and Scott watched TV in the living room. He came in and kissed me at mid-night, I vaguely remember it. But he said it and so it must be true. Then I was up at 7:30 with the four legged kids wanting attention. I have been tired all day and have not even partied. You know you are getting old when that happens! Oh my. But today my cousin and I decided we needed to get together for family time and have blackeyed peas for good luck you know. So we fixed a pot of peas, fried potatoes, cornbread, corn on the cob, green beans and ice cream for dessert. It was a great meal. It was good family time as well. Then we broke out the Wii came. (hope I spelled that right!) Toby got us playing darts, then shuffleboard and curling. That was fun. But then we tried tennis....oh my gosh. Directions would have helped, maybe. It was terrible. I could not figure out anything. So we moved on to bowling. Now that was a blast. Even though I was no good and came in last. That is hard for someone who is so competitive. But it was for fun right? Besides we beat the pants off of them with shuffle board! I can't be the winner at everything all the time, no one will want to play with me then. Now I have decided we need one of these games. I think even my parents would enjoy bowling or something. So I will make it my new mission to find one and get some games and hope that I will still be able to get some house work done around here. No promises, and my computer time may take a hit from it, but I won't leave my blogging out forever I promise you. I give you my word, I hope! I do love to play games. So in the mean time, Happy New Years, May 2008 be Great!

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Eckmama said...

Jarred found them at Costco yesterday, the whole setup (I believe) for $350. I want one too but am afraid we'd all spend too much time playing it (or the kids fighting over it). But if I was going to give in to a video game, that would be the one!