Friday, January 11, 2008

What was Special about Today?

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I stayed up late last night playing on this stupid computer, have I told you I LOVE to play ZUMA??!!! Then the dogs decided to not go outside to pee-pee. I knew that was a bad sign. Because no pee-pee before bed, then pee-pee in the middle of the night. I told them I WOULD NOT get up and let them out in the middle of the night and I meant it. I am tired of this happening. But Scott did not get the memo and he let them out. Didn't matter who let them.....I could not get back to sleep. This was about 4 or 5:00 a.m.. I should have just gotten up and let them out. By the time Scott got back in bed (he was not happy) I was wide awake. And this was after staying up till 12:30 or 1:00. So about 6:00 I got up and went to the guest bedroom. That way the kids would all lay down with me and I could turn the TV on and then go back to sleep. It worked!!!! Till Beth called me at 8:25 a.m. Dag-gum it. Now I am awake again. Might as well get up now. So I do. But I don't get far, just to the computer.....wasn't I just here?
I spend time on the computer again. Got a sweet sweet email from my step-daughter and that started my day off pretty good. Sure hoping things go in a positive direction, would be a great thing considering our past. She has two beautiful children so I am hoping that with them moving to Stillwater the relationship can be decent, if not good, at least decent. I am the ultimate optimist thinking things will SOMEDAY be OK. I reply to it sending what I hope was a sweet letter in return. I hope it was well received.
I then decided I better get up and get around. I have to meet with my new friend about keeping my horse. She has an exchange student from Germany who needs a horse that she can ride. They have one horse, but he is not the horse for her. Little too much horse. So Flicka can be loved on and well fed if she goes to this new place. We go check out the area and find it to be very nice. Very suiting for her and I think she will be very happy. So we go hook up the trailer and go out to get her. Man, I can not believe it, but she has really lost weight. This ice storm may have taken more out of her than I realized. So I had Scott go buy some feed and we are going to have them pour the feed to her. She needs to put on about 50-75 pounds maybe. Maybe not that much, but she needs some weight. She is such a good girl and pretty too. My new friend has a grand daughter that is so excited to see her and work with her some. I told her to go look at Galaxy, she is our four year old Appaloosa filly and if she would be interested in taking her and working with her then do so. If she decides she wants her then I could sell her. I can not believe that after retiring that I do not have time to ride. Well I just don't take the time. I don't want to drive 20 minutes to my parents and then catch the horse, saddle up and find somewhere to ride. I was going to trailer the horses up to Walnut Creek and ride there, but yeah, that hasn't happened. So I might as well start getting rid of the horses. Mom and dad don't have the time nor energy to take care of my animals. But it sure is hard getting rid of my horses AGAIN. Went through this once before after getting divorced. Plus a tornado came through and hurt them very badly. $5,000.00 later I had to put one down and give the other one away. He may have been put down as well. That sucked! Then I finally get horses again and now I have to give them up again. I had sure hoped we would buy some land so I could keep my horses, but it was not meant to be. Maybe someday. Maybe I could get a small horse and one big horse for me and the grand kids. That might work out if I can talk my dad into taking care of them. Two would be easier than four!!!?? We will see what happens. I still have two beautiful geldings.....any takers?
I tried to make tortilla soup today. I went on line to copykats and found what was suppose to be El Chico's soup. Well let me assure you, it is not. It was OK, Scott and mom said it was really good. I don't want that recipe any more. I have to find a better one. I must have it for that is one of my most favorite soups. My baked potato soup is awesome, I do love that as well. If anyone has a good recipe please email it to me. that was lunch.
Other than that I have not done much. I did some laundry, did the dishes, swept the floor, fed the dogs, so really, nothing much. What was so special about today....nothing, absolutely NOTHING. (and I loved that!)

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Eckmama said...

My mom used to make really good Tortilla Soup--I'll see if Kristen has the recipe.

You've had about 4 dozen posts in a row with no pictures. Do you need to borrow some of mine? I've got LOTS of pictures! ;)

Sure do wish I could help you out with the horses. If I lived closer I'd make you make time to ride so I could ride with you!