Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm A Sick Person

No really, I am sick....with the flu. And the bad part is so is Scott. It should be a law that only one person per family can be sick at a time. It's just not fair. You know men are bigger babies than women anyway but when we are both sick it's just not fair. I want to be pampered, waited on hand and foot. I want my every whim to be met, I want my way and I want it now. So Scott needs to hurry up and get well so he can get back to taking care of me!!!!
No really, Scott does a great job of taking care of me all the time. But this is unusual that we both get sick at the same time. We went to Enid last week to help with some DARE graduations. And then afterwards we had the privilege of taking Caleb and Allie home with us for the weekend. I have not had a three month old baby by myself in a very long time but thank goodness Allie is a very easy baby to keep. Caleb is a lot of fun but does require a lot more attention than the baby of course. He wants to be entertained by grandma and grandpa. We have puzzles, books, McDonald's' playground (thank goodness), Wal-Mart, and a big yard. After a great weekend Scott took the kids back to Enid on Sunday and attended the open house of the new fire station #2 (sub station). When he got home ( I stayed home to set up my new computer that I had put off till the kids left) I told him I was not feeling well at all. He said that he didn't either. He asked if I wanted him to go get anything. I asked if we had any NyQuil and he said no. Darn it. Usually if I take that stuff I get well pretty quick. About thirty minutes later I asked him if he went to get some would he take it too? He said yes he would. So he went. We both had very sore throats, headaches, and felt yucky. The next day I had a fair amount to take care, didn't get it all done, but didn't feel any better. Today (this morning I felt worse.) I hate this. I am taking care of my cousin's two boys (teenagers) while she and her husband are on a cruise for their 25Th wedding anniversary. The boys are easy to take care of, I just hope I have not exposed them to my germs. However I figure I got this little bug from either the DARE graduation and kids, from Caleb and the kids at his school, or just kids germs in the air. So I guess I will just suffer through it, whine a little more, and all will be well. So pass a little cheese with this whine would you and pray for Scott's sake I get well quickly!!!!

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Eckmama said...

I'll say prayers for BOTH of you! So sorry that you're sick. We've been lucky so far (knock on wood) to avoid me and Jarred being sick, but dang it, I can't keep the kids healthy! I'll barely get them well and they'll come home from school with something else. And give it to Andrew. As long as they stay away from Kimi...

Take your ester C, stock up on decongestants (my favorite is Tylenol cold and allergy, if you're achy), and STAY WARM! Tell Scotty to put a hat on! Hope you're both feeling much better soon.