Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Day At The Park

Heritage Park in Sapulpa
A Great Place to Play

This is a neat park, I know nothing about it, but we so enjoyed finding it and getting to play.

Playing on the chains was tricky, but he managed it just fine.
Just another cute shot of a really cute kid!!
Sliding down the pole like PaPa at the fire department of days long gone.
The climbing wall with a picture of a buffalo.

Sitting in the tepee
In the fire station at the park.
A nice slide, one of about three or more!
Route 66, watch out for the cars Caleb.
Three very nice boys came to play at the park. They included Caleb and made him feel so welcome there. It is nice to see kids that are raised with manners. The played tag, running and laughing. I wanted to post their picture but decided I better not without permission. These were some of the nicest boys I have met in such a long time. They showed Caleb some neat things about the park, and treated him very nice when playing. I told their mother who was sitting in the car how polite they were. I hope she treated them to some ice cream.

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