Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Know Your An Okie when....

Every time I have things like a 60 degree morning, short sleeves, no jacket weather to take the boys to school and then by the evening or late afternoon I have to turn the heat up in the house or build a fire, you know you live in Oklahoma!!! And I laugh. There are so many jokes about the Oklahoma people from friendliness in the stores to our weather. You know you are in Oklahoma when people look for a shaded parking spot rather than how close to the store door they are. Been there done that one! But yesterday as I was taking the boys to school I got up and left the house in short sleeves. No jacket either. The weather was great. I don't know what time the front came through but by the afternoon the temps had dropped to a whopping 32 degrees. It was cold by that time. When your poor old body (non-emphasis on old! just a word used lightly, carelessly, teasingly, etc) goes from 60 to 32 in a matter of hours it just goes into shock. It's not normal, its not right, it just shouldn't happen. But then you remember, Oh yes, this is Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains (break out in song about now will you, please feel free to join in if you know the words) Stop, I have sneezed five,six times now, seven. Enough already. Eight. Good grief. I covered my mouth, nine, so you should be safe if you just don't touch the keyboard after I , ten, sneeze and then type. Excuse me, bless me, eleven, dag gum it. Now I need a tissue. Be right back. twelve. OK, an even dozen should be enough. Or is it like a bakers dozen and there will be thirteen??? So far no hint. Where was I? What was I talking about? Let me go back and re-read for a moment. poor body, singing, Oklahoma weather, sneeze,sneeze, sneeze, oh forget it. I don't know where I was going with all of that.
I miss my cousin. Why is it that when I was gone on my cruise I really didn't miss her or anyone for that matter? But now that she is gone I miss her terribly. I miss her phone call at 5:05 when she is coming home from work (or 5:30, 6:00, or whenever). I miss her being there to talk to when ever I want to for the most part. She has become the sister I never had. I can remember when we were kids my mom would say they were coming to the house and I just dreaded it. I didn't want to have to take "care" of her. She was/is five years younger and she was just a tag along. But as we got older (high school) then we started having fun together. I remember my boyfriend (James/vet now) and I went with Jill to get her a puppy. We were in James' big read truck. Needed a ladder to get in and a parachute to get out. It was sooooo cooooool. I remember teaching her to drive in my old Chevy. And getting caught on the Arkansas River bank photographing hang gliders. My mom was FURIOUS with me. Like they would kidnap us girls and do something to/with us. My mom might have had a small valid point now that I look back on the situation. Jill was in my wedding too. She wore a yellow pastel dress that I thought was pretty with her long beautiful blond hair. She still has that long beautiful long hair too. She says it has some grey in it, I don't see it, as I don't see the age in either of us as we are now in our 40's and not the same as we were back in our teens. But I see the girl/woman that I love as any sister. I see the wonderful person that is funny, weird, giving, tolerant, smart, mom, grandma, listener, advise giver, go to wal-mart at midnight because I just want to, talk/can't talk now, understands, non-judgemental, loving, human, best friend. I am glad I have moved home. Best friends are hard to find. I had three, now I have two. I now treasure the two I have more than ever after having lost the one. Linda, Jill, I love you guys and miss you both. Jill hurry home and Linda, we need to talk soon. I forgot to call you back!!!! But knowing you it will be OK! Aren't best friends great??!!!!!

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