Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Broken Trees Near Keystone Lake

My parents live by the Keystone Lake, West of Sand Springs. As I drove to their house I see nothing but broken tree tops. It is more than the pictures can ever show. ( if you don't know you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see it better.) I wonder why. Then I think that some of it might be natural selection. These trees have grown so much in the 30 years since I left home. They are over running the place. How will new strong trees grow if they are shut out of the sunlight by the old heavy branched trees? Yes, the old must die for the new, young and strong to reach into the sky for the sunlight.

You can see how heavy the brush and timber is. We all know that is not healthy, that makes for scrawny branches to grow making them weak when heavy laden with ice or disease.

These trees are snapped off at the top. Just look at them, broken and fallen to the ground. But they will likely come out of it. Maybe not as pretty or thick, but I bet they will branch back out this spring.

Just more of the same, I just marvel at it all. I wish I could truly capture the way it looks. I started to take a video and maybe that would help to truly see what has happened here.

I have lived through tornadoes and even this is just different. I have lived through my own ice storm in Enid but we didn't have the amount of trees that this area has, so it is just different.

Mighty trees broken down by water, frozen water, who would have thought so much damage could happen from rain.....cold cold rain. Life is interesting to say the least.

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