Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just For Debbie

Special Posting
Inspired by Debbie In NC
Not everyone will want to read this posting, that is fine. I have to admit it I really could have just emailed Debbie and spared the rest of the world this information. But since I don't have a posting, why not include you too.
Debbie, you won't believe this. I have been saying it for the past what, three to six months? But yesterday, yes, just the day before this very day, at 11:00 in the morning, I finally got up and walked away from my computer, and went to the garage and ......we emptied about 15 boxes of stuff. We found a lot of things I have been looking for, except one certain item but we will still keep looking. I am missing a GUN. I packed it in a special place, I did NOT mark the box not wanting the movers to know it was there, and now I can't remember which box I put it in. It is a little gun that I used for off duty. Well I really didn't carry much off duty in my little town, but now that I live in the big city, I want to carry again. I would feel safer. Yeah, that is coming from a woman that has lost a gun. I just can not remember where or what or how I put it away. And it is driving me crazy. Remember I told you we went from over 3,000 sq ft to 1,485. I have a lot of boxes and there is just no telling where things are. We have them stored in the garage and then at my parents who own boat storage units. We took one of their units to put our things in. We had a four stall barn, and a four car garage (shop for my husband's carpentry work) and a little building for storage, all full of "things". How in the world does one family have so much stuff. I have misplaced this stupid gun and I can't remember where in the world I put it. I have also misplaced my favorite cookbook..how do you lose a cookbook for Pete's sake? HOW??? I just don't understand it. I marked my boxes, but the other problem is the movers did not take all the stuff. My husband who is an extremely hard worker and me who is a penny pinching fool, moved a lot of things ourselves to save money. The movers charge according to weight so we moved many of our things ourselves to save on that. My special items like pictures were moved by us so they would not be in a hot storage unit until we moved into the house a month later. But I could not find my photographs. The portraits I had were framed and already on the wall, but my little 4x6 pictures that I have by the 100's (or thousands) stored in plastic boxes were gone. THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND. They are now safely sitting on my kitchen table, in the way, and the 4th of July party is just three days away! Oh well, I bet I will get them put away now. Yes I will and I know just where I want to put them. We found so many things that I have been looking for, I put some things away and organized them so much better. The garage is a mess, I do admit that, but we are on the way to getting a decision made as to what to do with things. We had an extra washer/dryer that we are keeping for a nephew when he comes home from the war. We had end tables, corner tv stands, extra rocker/gliders, a Lazyboy recliner, air hockey table, dressers, cedar chest, boxes of toys for the kids, things just need to get organized and I am on my way. I have thrown a fit, I have put my foot down, I have demanded, begged, pleaded, cried, and yesterday, I said "in ten minutes I am going to the garage to start cleaning". I wanted to see the end of a show! True motivation huh? But he beat me out there. He got started, a ten minute head start, and we worked for several hours. Bless his heart, he has to use his muscles while I go through each box and tell him to now put it back up on the shelf, or in the attic, or outside to be trashed. I am so proud. He took a lot of things out to my parents to be stored for either the garage sale or for my nephew. Then....one day.....he will either use the garage to put his saws, tools, and stuff in or we will go ahead and build a small shop for him. Either way, we got a lot of boxes emptied and I am in a better mood for it.
ps, but why is this posting for Debbie? Because she has inspired me, encouraged me, told me, yelled at me, begged me, threatened me, .......to get just one box emptied and then one more, one each day....well finally I have gotten started and I knew, I KNEW, she would be proud of me. Thank you Debbie for believing in me, for knowing that yes even "I" could do this. If it were not for you, there would still be a garage full of stuff. I can't thank you enough. dang it, now I can't find my shoes...where did I put them? Seriously.


Putz said...

i really like debbie from north carolina, she just got back from a lake ....so treat her nice, she probably had to sleep on the ground around north carolina bears,,,she might of had use for your gun if you could have found it

Michelle said...

Way to go Debbie!!! Now, can you start hounding me to get some things sorted out?

Seriously, I know what you mean about the guns. We have a shotgun (in hard case) and a 45 (in hard case). I put locks on both the cases and the movers had to package them and use security tape so we would be able to tell if the seal had been broken. Then they had to log them on a special tally sheet. Had a panic attack at one point when I could not find them at the new house.

We have STUFF we need to get rid of. Am I really ever gonna use that huge tent again? Camping stove? And I am not going to have another garage sale. I have had 2 since we moved here and they are alot of work.

Tonjia said...

does this mean Debbie is our new "clean sweep" mentor???

EEEKKK... I still have a lot to clean out from our move last year.

Debbie said...

ROFL I love you....you NUT!! This is wonderful and I am so darn proud of you!!!

See it wasn't so hard was it? Once you get started, it's easier to keep going and isn't it a great feeling to know you at least have control over something in your life! LOL (Well not your gun, but you'll find it)

This was the sweetest thing! I mentioned you and your fireworks in mine today :) I'll be thinking of you out there lighting them with a huge smile on your face!

Was watching the weather channel weekend forecast and said outloud...it can't rain in Oklahoma!!!

WTG Lisa and hubby!!!!

Memaw's memories said...

Debbie needs to give me a pep talk. I am just way too dis-organized. And I'm a pack-rat.

I'm proud of you for getting stuff going.