Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick Pics

We had another 4th! on the 9th

We did not get to celebrate Independence Day with Caleb on the 4th, so we did it on the 9th. He had fun shooting different fireworks with us.

And Zoe likes the fireworks too. In fact, the other two dogs loved it so much we feared they would run up to the fireworks and get hurt. So they had to go back into the house for safety reasons. Otherwise they would have had to wear safety goggles and hearing protections.
Grandpa and Allie,but she did not want grandpa and was rearing her head backwards trying to get out of his grasp. Guess who she wanted? Yep, ME, GRANDMA!!! (oh I love it!)

Shooting off parachutes in the cul-de-sac with Zoe watching carefully.
And my first attempt at night fireworks. Ok, not the best, but not bad considering how long it took for me to just get this shot and two others. This was the best of the three. Yes, I need more practice.
Here is just a picture of Caleb while he was waiting for the next event to occur. You know when you stay with grandma you just get to do things you may not get to do at home. I was making homemade shortcake and strawberries (are you drooling Cara?) and Caleb said he did not want my shortcake. So I was trying to show him what all we do with our shortcakes and strawberries.
Yes, the rabid dog look. You must add whip cream to the strawberries and if you have the kind that come out of the can, then you MUST FILL the mouth up first and taste it. You just have to.
Of course when you try to close your mouth or laugh, the whip cream comes out. Good catch Caleb! Now you can still eat it.

And guess who did NOT want to be left out of the fun. I bet her mother would die knowing I gave her a squirt of whip cream right in the mouth. Well, most of it went in the mouth. She loved it and laughed. I might have created a little monster with this!
But if I did, then look at my little monster. She is just getting so big and so cute. I love being around her, she loves for me to rock her and hold her, and play on the computer with her, play her webkinz with her, and just about anything with grandma. I will tell you I love it.
I could not get one single good shot of her. I tried, and tried, but nope. She would not hold still long enough for me to hardly snap a shot off.
Just one of her funny faces. She will wrinkle her nose up at me and snort. I laugh at her, she just makes me so happy to have her around. I need to feel the joy and she certainly gives it to me.

This is how she crawls. No knees on the ground. On her hands and feet. She will stand right up out in the middle of the floor. I thought that came after they start walking. I thought they pulled up to the sofa and then walked around it or the coffee table and then walked with standing up in the middle of the floor coming last. She will be anywhere and will just stand up and stand there. Once in a while she might think about moving her little feet, but then she just sits down. I bet it won't be long and this little stinker will be walking. I don't want her to, but I just have a feeling.

Oh,don't let that innocent look fool you for one minute. She is sweet, loud, demanding, loving, and a wonderful grand daughter that I don't have much time with. I want every minute with her and Caleb I can get. It will be gone soon enough and I just don't want it to happen. Maybe I will have another one by the time they leave???? Beth??? TJ???? Who's next?


Debbie said...

Okay, it's a good shot when you have your reader, me, looking back at Allie with a crinkled nose! Aww, I can't wait to have grandkids and this makes me envious!

I had totally forgotten about the whipped cream in the mouth thingy. I did it with David years ago but think I would like to do it again, like today LOL!

Have I told you lately your little munchkins are adorable? Well they are!!

P.S. At least you had the nerve to try to take photos of fireworks...and you did great!!

Mental P Mama said...

Those children are never going to want to go back home! When can I come???? Firework shot= A+

We are THAT Family said...

My kids could have a 4th every day of the year!

They are little pyros.

But their Mom is paranoid!

So, sparklers it is.

Eckmama said...

Um, I vote for Beth having a HUSBAND before she has a BABY!!! haha! So TJ, you're it! ; )

Yes I was drooling. I've been craving your shortcake for YEARS. Do you know it's been four years since we were there to visit? Wow.

Fireworks pictures are hard. Yours is awesome.

Have fun with those babies!!!

Debbie said...

You figure out the new font thingy on blog and you let me know! That's been driving me crazy!!!

I have no clue :( Whaaaaa!!!!!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

That is a beautiful baby. I am TOTALLY in LOVE with your Boxer though. Totally.