Sunday, July 6, 2008


Man, I can not believe how wiped out I was after the 4th of July party. So I decided I was not going to do anything Saturday but clean up the mess and just chill out a little. And I pretty much accomplished that task. But as the day went on my cousin called and said she wanted to get out of the house for awhile. She wanted to know if there were any good movies on and would I like to go. Oh I am always up for a good movie. Man I have to run jump in the shower and get ready for I have not even gotten cleaned up for the day!!! I can get ready quick when I have to. 30 minutes later I am ready to go out the door. Now I didn't say I was lookin' hot, I am not trolling for anything (already got my catch), but I was presentable enough to be out in public! I was having a hard time keeping my eyes opened and was worried I would fall asleep in the movie.

We head out and it only takes about 10/15 minutes to get to the show. We decided to watch Hancock. I had checked it out on the Internet and it received at rating of only a C + and then a B from Yahoo reviewers. So our expectations were not too high. But I like Will Smith in most movies. Of course you have to get movie popcorn and soda, we did, got into the theater, sit right in the middle of the row, in the middle of the theater. That looks good. We start chowing down on the corn, movie comes on and the next thing I know it is over. I never got tired for one minute, did not go to sleep, and I LOVED the movie. But do not rush out and watch it based on my comment. I like stupid, simple movies, and it was all that and then some. I laughed all the way through the movie, didn't see "it" coming. I thought it was good. In fact, I will go again if my husband wants to see it or I will rent it soon as it comes out. I love mindless, non scary movies. The only thing I don't like was there was more cussing than I felt necessary, don't know why they feel like they have to do that. Does not add to the movie, makes it where I can't/won't take my 10 year old nephew, but for the plot (or lack of) I thought it was a cute movie.

After the movie it was still pretty early so we decided to drive around. I have not been back in my home town for very long, and I have been gone for 30 years, so driving around and looking at some of the old places is just fun for me. We were driving in the area where my aunt and uncle lived all the years I knew them until their untimely death. My aunt had Alzheimer's at the early age of 55 and died in her very early 60's. She never went to a nursing home, my uncle took care of her all through the ordeal. He hired help for when he was at work, but never, never left her. After her death, he became sick, I think he had been sick for a long time but just ignored it for taking care of her. He died six months later. That is just so sad. So we went by their former home and went by a cousins house who was suppose to be in Texas. I was just going to go by and see the old place when I noticed cars in the driveway. one is suppose to be home.....turn the corner and the garage door is up....Oh this in not good. So I pull into the driveway and see someone in the backyard and the license tag is from Texas. Oh, they are home. This is my mom's first cousin and they are all getting up there in age and what is she doing? Out mowing the lawn and raking the grass. Her daughter and grand-daughters are there with her so we all went to the porch to visit. They said it was a welcomed break. I have not seen the cousins in years, the daughter has twin girls that are 11 and the cutest young ladies ever. One has a hurt leg, just had 22 stitches in her foot and leg from accidentally putting her leg through an aquarium. She had just let her frogs go and was cleaning out the aquarium by turning it upside down and tapped it with her barefoot. She lost her balance and went right through it. Bless her little heart. No swimming or much of anything for a while this summer. In fact she was on crutches for a while. She was embarrassed about the ordeal, I told her I was pretty proud of her. When you get hurt, might as well do it up right and get as much mileage out of it you can. She just laughed at me. I told her she might want to work on her story a little and make it a little more exciting and she agreed with that. Mom suggested it might become a shark bite. I said that was a good one, and let's get the other twin involved by her rescuing her from the mouth of the little angry shark by punching it right in the nose to make it release her sister. The story started sounding better. One small flaw....there are no sharks in Ft. Worth lakes. well I didn't say it was a perfect story, still room for improvements. We visited for about two hours, the girls had brought three baby bunnies and the mother with them. They raise one litter every summer as a project and give the babies away. I might get one, they are mini rabbits and I think my grandson needs one. AT HIS HOUSE of course. They are so cute and tame, and will be more tame by the time the girls get through with them by the end of summer when they will be weaned and brought back. Well we will see, I don't know but they sure are cute bunnies. My brother got two last summer from them and still has them.

So for a day of resting, this was a really good day. A good movie, good company with my cousin, a good/great visit with out of town cousins, and played with some cute bunnies. Plus got to connect with two of the cutest girls from Texas you will ever see. And where was my camera??? At home, didn't want to leave it in the car while at the movies. When will I learn to stop doing that? Oh, Sunday, more of the same. I am still wiped out. I have got to start going to bed earlier huh? Have a great day, and for the rest of you....tomorrow, you have to go back to work. as for me.....I AM RETIRED. ( I still love saying that!)


Tonjia said...

I am living vicariously through you Lisa! LOL it sounds like a fun day and a cool surprise to see your relatives.

I need to keep my camera with me more often too, while driving to work on the 4th a guy drove by me in a Jeep cherokee with NO DOORS!! and the entire dash had wires hanging out...hmmmmm

strange vehicles are all over our valley, I am going to start taking some pics.

have a good week!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a good day. We went to the Tampa Aquarium and looked at sharks. Does that count?

Today my baby flew back to Ohio. It will be 2 1/2 months before I get to see her again. At least in person.

Wait until you see my post tomorrow. You are gonna freak.

Putz said...

my family saw hancock, but i have only seen one movie this year and that is indy jones and the chrystal head, gave it 27 stars with 5 being an excellent rating

Amy said...

Glad you had a nice day! I like when a movie is better than your expectations. That's too bad about your aunt. My grandmother also had alzheimers too. She was diagnosed around 53 years of age, and lived until 72. Its a very difficult disease.

That poor girl with all those stitches - I am glad she is okay!

Well I better get going. I am on a roll today. Things have been a bit crazy with having my hubby home 24/7. I love him, but are routines are colliding - if you know what I mean!!! =) Hope all is well.rm

Mental P Mama said...

For someone who was going to do nothing, you sure did a lot. That made me tired, but I do think you need to get the bunny. Everybunny needs one;)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Connor LOVED Hancock. LOVED IT!!

Told us we have to go see it!


Debbie said...

So you missed me huh? Well I missed you too silly woman! No, I did not get sunburned :) I'm glad you had such a great day with your friend, sharks, cousins and Will Smith! I'm heading to read your other posts :)