Monday, July 28, 2008

What Hit It?



This is looking from above .

What hit it??? not a deer, not a dog, nor a cow or horse. But rather a pig. Just kidding...It was my son who is a police officer so that was police humor. The last two pictures are not very good, they were taken with a cell phone. But my son got into a fight at work the other night trying to arrest a drunk driver. TJ was dodging a blow to the head with a closed fist, and was then shoved. It caused him to gain momentum down an incline and slam into his brand new police car back passenger door. TJ was very sore the next day, but the man was tazed during the incident to arrest, so I hope he was sore too.

Sometimes people ask me why I am so against alcohol. I am not against people having a drink. What I hate is what alcohol makes people do. I can not tell you how many times, how many incidents I have seen due completely to the affects of alcohol. I can not tell you how many families have been ruined, destroyed, how many young childhoods altered , affected directly to the use/abuse of alcohol. I can't tell you how many rapes I have worked, holding the girls hand while she is sitting upon the exam table going through another violating incident to her rape, the exam for evidence. I have seen women beaten because of him coming home drunk. Jobs lost, lives lost, future and dreams lost all because of one thing.....alcohol. I have seen parents lose a child to death because the child was drinking and driving. I have seen people lose their careers in the military because I arrested them for DUI. (Vance Air Force Base is located in Enid). In teaching the DARE program I can't tell you how many children are affected in their school work and their little innocent lives because of the affects of alcohol, either their parents/friends drinking, or how it affected their in uterus development that they will pay for the rest of their life. Trust is destroyed, gone, to be regained will take a long time if ever. Suicide often follows the use of that festive fruit. Hate alcohol??? I hate it! It is the curse to many of mankind.

TJ, I'm glad YOU are ok son, thank you for your service to that community. I pray you will be safe everyday. I am proud of you.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

First weird, now sick?

How can you say such things? I am merely trying to educate!!

Hallie :)

Sage said...

Lisa, I have raised my four adopted kids who were exposed to alcohol in the womb, and my daughter is raising her two adopted kids who were also exposed before birth. It is not fair that these kids have to suffer for the mistakes of their mother. I am so glad that you, as a police officer, know about FASD, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. So many people, including teachers and police officers, don't know about the effects of drinking while pregnant. I'm so glad you are one of them that knows!

My daughter, Kari, works for MOFAS, Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and if you need to hear any more stories about the damage done to babies in the womb, check out her blog. On the right side bar of my blog is a link to her blog.

The oldest of our adopted kids is herself now dying of alcohol addiction. Not pretty. And, yes, she affected her two boys, my grandsons.

Sorry I got into such a rant about this subject. As you can see, I hate the results of the improper use of alcohol. I do have a glass of wine before dinner sometimes, but thank God I can have one......not the whole bottle!

Blessings to you my friend!

Debbie said...

You and me both!!! After this weekend....GEEZ!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Oh, sorry, I'm glad TJ is hit like a gigantic nerve on this post LOL

Homesteader in Training said...

My brother was killed by a drunk driver right before I was born. I can't stand it. I'm with you on your outlook on alcohol. Great post.

Putz said...

a pig, meaning the derunk your boy had a fight with, did he have his partner with him??? my past police commissioner savy would make me wonder that....

Tonjia said...

Lisa, I completely understand your viewpoint on alcohol. I share your opinion. As an ER nurse I see the worst of the worst where alcohol is concerned, because you guys have to bring the drunks to us before they go to jail!

I have never understood how people who cannot afford medication for their children or themselves can afford to buy alcohol also... it makes me want to go hmmmmmm

I am glad your son is ok, YAY for tazers!

Memaw's memories said...

Hope TJ's ok, and that you aren't too sore from your accident.

Anonymous said...

Oh My!! I am glad TJ is okay!! THe crazy things police officers go through!! My friend Krissie tells me some of the craziest stories aned 9 times out of 10 they are drunker than skunks!! Craziness I tell ya!! I am ready to send the "kids" for a visit lol!! Sarah

Mental P Mama said...

Wow. I am so glad that worked out...could have been a much worse end. Great post!

Joni said...

I share your opinion on alcohol...too many lives are lost from people who don't know when enough is enough. I'm glad your son was OK!

Michelle said...

I am so glad that Shay uses the Airmen Against Drunk Driving program at the base. They will have a friend drop them at the club and the them or one of the designated drivers will pick them up.

I will admit that when I was younger I drank to excess on many occasions. But I am a sappy happy drunk. I don't drink very often now. A beer once in awhile is about all.

Too many crazies out there. Glad TJ is ok too.