Thursday, July 24, 2008

Other pictures

I got your back!

Ok, Is there any milk there? No? Nope!

Is there any milk there??? NOOOOO!!!

Is there any milk there??? Good grief, where is my milk?
Picasa2 will only let me post about four picture at a time if I am lucky. That is why there will be more than one posting today.
Oh well. Hope you enjoy all the pictures.

This little girl is really smart. For only being five weeks old (grrrrr! Don't ever get a puppy that young, its not good for them!) But she already will go to the door to go pee pee or poop. She has had a couple accidents in the house, but one was this morning at 6:00 because I did not get up quick enough to let her out. She is getting up between 2:00 and 3:00 to go outside then back up again at 6:00 so I am a little tired. Good thing I love my grandkids! This morning I was really tired and left the backdoor opened so the dogs could all just come and go. Thinking they would keep an eye on her. I dozed off on the sofa and when I woke up they three big dogs were all in the living room sleeping too. So I jumped up and went out side to get the puppy. I could not find where!!!!! I was calling, whistling, getting ready to go get my husband out of bed to help me find her. Oh my gosh I could not believe I had lost her! As panic was setting in, I went back into the house and for some reason something caught my eye. She had come into the house, crawled between the love seat and the end table and gone to sleep. Now remember she is not bigger than a minute, I have brown carpet, she blended in so well I could not hardly see her. I 'bout had a heart attack! I need to attach a gps to her and activate it!!! I am so enjoying having a puppy around, but I will tell you, like grandkids, I will be glad when she goes home!!! And that would be tomorrow night. We are having a quiet little birthday get together with Caleb to let him get his puppy. Then Saturday afternoon he will have the big family party with all the hoopla. They can all meet the puppy then, but I want to have our time with him getting the puppy from his parents and us. That way I can hopefully get pictures, and just enjoy the moment without having to share all the excitement with 50 people. Selfish? Yes, but this is a moment I have waited for for a very long time. I don't want to miss a single second of it, and I want to get pictures without everyone else's head or arm or body in it. Plus then Caleb can play with her without having to go open other gifts or share her with everyone during the day. It sounds like a really good plan to me and I am truly thankful that Chris and Sarah were willing to indulge me. It will be a tearful moment for me, for some reason this is just a tremendously emotional event for me...any ideas why? I am not a big crier, but this one sure gets me. Pass the hankie Scott!!!!
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Mental P Mama said...

I am so living vicariously with this story! I love how sweet the big dogs are with her, too!

Sage said...

I can't wait for tomorrow night and for Caleb to meet his new puppy. Make sure you post right away after the party!

She sure looks like a sweetie. I can imagine you thinking you had lost her! How scary!

Don't forget immediately after the party ens!


Sage said...

That last word would be ends! My computer keys are skipping and sticking and driving me half crazy as I am a fast typer, and accurate most times, so mistakes anger me!

Mary said...

Okay, I admit, I didn't read this post because I'm on my way to bed and my head is fried..........did your dog have puppies? ADORABLE pics!
I will be back tomorrow to investigate! were a police officer and are a mother? How on earth did you do it? I've always envisioned that to be one tough profession to be in as a mother. I look forward to reading more :)