Saturday, July 26, 2008

She's Gorgeous!

Happy 7th Birthday Caleb

Oh the surprise was WONDERFUL. We pulled it off really well. Please indulge me while I tell you how it went down. .... His theme for the party is I made a map of his house. His instructions were that I had hidden his gifts in different rooms and he had to find them in order, 1, 2, 3, and then #4 he would have to be blindfolded at the kitchen table. So he looked the map over and saw gift #1 was in his room. He went to his room but did not know what he was looking for. So I gave him a hint.

It was on his top bunk, wrapped in really cute birthday paper. He opened it to find a package of "tennis balls" . The look on his face was so cute. "Grandma, I don't play tennis. " Oh Caleb, you don't? " No." I'm so sorry, I thought you did. Well, lets go find the other gifts. So he started hunting for number two. ( I have noticed I did not make the pictures very large on the setting, sorry about that. They aren't that good of pictures so use your imagination please!) Gift number two was in sisters room hiding in the rocking chair. It is a book about puppies and how they grow. We sit together when we read, with him in my lap. So hence the book in the chair. Too bad he won't understand the meaning behind all the clues!!!! So map on the floor, he opens the gift, no big deal, grandma always gives books for presents....ALWAYS. "oh grandma, thank you it is about puppies." Where's the next one. So much for "treasuring" the moment!

Gift number three was hiding in his parents room, actually in their bathtub. He jumps up on the bed and opens the gift.......what? it is dog biscuits. "Caleb, isn't it Scooby snacks like you like?" No grandma its dog food. "Oh, darn it Caleb I am so sorry". Maggie (cousin living there for a couple months) says, it's ok, we will take them back to wal-mart and get what you want later. He is ok with that and jumps down and says, "Now can we blind fold me for the next one?" Are you ready? "yes, let's go!"

So now I start to blind fold him and have his momma finishing it up. I go outside and get Chris who is dieing in the heat with the puppy to keep it quiet (plus to pee pee!). They come into the laundry room where we put a bow around her neck and place her gently in the box that has already been wrapped and decorated. So he is blindfolded and we bring the box in. He starts to open it while he is blindfolded and I tell him, no he can take it off. He has already torn the ribbon off, I am trying to make sure my camera will record this as a video and it is not cooperating, I am getting worried I will miss it, take two little shots of video and think I have it going ok now. so here we go.

He opens the box and this rowdy, loud, outgoing, hyper kid is the quietest I have ever seen, he looks in the box and says ever so gently," it's a puppy, and she's GORGEOUS. " Ok, I teared up. It was the sweetest reaction and I NEVER expected that. He just kept saying "she's gorgeous, she's so gorgeous." Oh, mission accomplished!
(Be sure to turn off my music on my sidebar so you can hear what Caleb has to say! )

After he took her into the living room, a few mintues went by and he looked at me and said, the dog treats aren't for me, they are for her! But what about the tennis balls? I told him they were for her too, so he ran and opened the can, got one out and they started playing. He is a little scared of her for she bites with those sharp puppy teeth. But he was the kindest thing to her and asked a million questions...when will she big, how much does she eat, is she a momma? will she quit biting me? can she sleep with me? where is her cage (we don't have cages, we have exercise kennels and will teach him to change the word to kennel!) He had so many questions, but it was as great of a moment as I had dreamed it would be. I am so glad he is happy, and we got to share this PRICELESS moment, wonderful memory with Chris and Sarah. It means a lot to me. I can not tell you how much it meant to me. My life is pretty darn good right now.

After he got her out of the box, he took her to the living room, all he could say was she is gorgeous, it is word he does not ever use, don't know where it came from, but it was so cute. I did not get all the video that I meant to, but I was proud to have some!

We went out to eat at Rib Crib and had a nice visit. By that time Scott and I were starting to get really sore from our car accident and felt we needed to get on home. It was a nice birthday. Chris' birthday is two days after Caleb's so the dinner was for both of them. We did not do cake since his big "party" is today. We won't be there for the pirate fun, wish I could be, but we felt we better stay home since we were both hurting, Scott much more than me. It was such a great time....And the best part???? Caleb hugged me and said, Thank you grandma, this is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!" Can I get another puppy next year for my next birthday? You've gotta love them!

Somebody is not too happy about the new puppy. But they will become best friends like.....tomorrow. They both have so much personality, Sarah will have her hands full, and I have already been told, when I take the kids for the weekend....I get ALL THREE!!!!



Michelle said...

Guess what song was playing when I came to your blog? How much is that doggy in the window! And when the dog barks (arf arf) my dogs were tilting their heads looking at the laptop.

What a precious video. To hear a little boy say "gorgeous" is priceless. Great job Grandma.

I gave Shay a puppy for Christmas one year. Wrapped the bowl and toys and she go to open those while puppy was waiting in the bedroom. She didn't understand until puppy came running out into the living room.

Sorry if I rambled today. I had something to say. I hope "he" reads it and hears what I am saying.

Tonjia said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! He was so gentle with the puppy, I know he will be a great puppy owner!

I hope you guys are feeling better today..

Joni said...

this is so precious and the puppy is indeed'll have to let us know what he names her! You've scored big points, that's for sure!

have a wonderful weekend ~

Train Wreck said...

Oh what a memorable birthday for that little boy! What a great idea the map and all!! The video is priceless! You are a "great" grandma!! Such a calm dog too!! Very swet post!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sage said...

What an absolutely precious little boy and his puppy. You must have been so excited when he opened the box and first spied the puppy..... and then said that she was gorgeous! How sweet!

Now, how are you and Scott? It always hurts worse after 24 hours or so, so that's about the point you're at, right? Take care of yourselves. Hope the pain isn't too bad.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Mental P Mama said...

They are all GORGEOUS! Well done!

Debbie said...

Precious, adorable, wonderful, and oh Grandma, ya'll did GREAT!! I love this's probably my favorite of favorites :)

I think he was in shock at first! I am so glad everything went perfect and the presentation idea was fantastic!

Please tell him Happy Birthday from blogger world!!

Memaw's memories said...

I love the treasure hunt. That was neat. And you know he was disappointed when he got tennis balls and dog treats, but he was a trooper. I know they will spend a lot of time playing and having fun together.