Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not Much Here

In More Ways Than One
Not a lot of excitement going on here in my neck of the woods and that is ok. We spent yesterday talking to the insurance people about the car and getting it fixed. We went out to eat at my favorite place El Chico having a cup of tortilla soup. UMMMM good. We drove 20 minutes just to eat there, no refills on drinks, never came and picked up our change and we were there after 1:00. So her tip was not too big. I'm funny about that. I wonder if she was getting off work at 2:00 and she had to clean her section before she left. But the food was good. Then we headed back to Sapulpa and went to the grocery store. As I am walking in I decided that I need to get a few movies so we go over to that section first and pick up four movies! Wow, have not done that is FOREVER. Then we go to the bank and cash a couple checks that had come in the mail, that way to have a little spending money on hand. I used to never carry cash, but now I try to always have just a little. Then we go through the grocery store, my least favorite thing to do is grocery shop. I just do not like it. I have my list, do pretty good, but just don't like taking the time trying to find things, check prices, I just don't like it. Our little grocery store is pretty nice, never overly busy, well not when I go, the people are always friendly and helpful. That is the nice thing about small town USA. And the prices are good for they are a big grocery food chain store. Sweet, double bonus! So we were able to get some movies, bank at our Bank of Oklahoma bank get groceries, and if my husband wanted to, he could even get me flowers (not likely). We did not find our peach yogurt we wanted, but that's ok, we will live with out it. I will get it when I go to Wal-mart next. And I try to stay out of there as much as possible. I love small town living next to the big city, sure makes things nice and easy.

I think about the good ole days when people went to town via the horse and buggy. It might not have been that far, but think how long it would have taken them. They went probably once a month, bought all the items they needed, made a big day of it and then home again before dark to feed the livestock, milk the cows, and do all the other chores. Unless you were the unfortunate kid that got left behind to take care of it all. I think about the simple days when if you wanted to talk to someone you went to church. Or rode over to their farm to sit a spell. But who time to do that. The chores and kids had to be tended to. Laundry was a huge ordeal. Heating the water, scrubbing each item by hand, rinsing them out, hanging them to dry. They would not be soft and smell good like our are today. And today I throw a load in and do something else in the cool of my air conditioner home. How lucky we are. Pop food in the microwave and poof it is ready. No heating the house with that oven trying to fix some nourishing food for the family or hungry hands there to help. How lucky we are today. I was born way to late in life. I would have been a happy person then. The simple things in life. No, I think I am ok just where I am. I am 48 and still alive and pretty healthy. Life was not so easy nor so long back then, so today is good, I was born at just the right time. Man I am one lucky person. I sit here watching the breeze blowing in my trees outside my window, have electricity to keep my house cool, to have the computer to talk to all my friends, and have a full and rich life. I am one lucky person. No not lucky, just very blessed. Thanks for being a part of my blessings. Today is a good day.


Mental P Mama said...

What an upbeat little post today Miz Lisa! Glad I stopped by. And I am happy right here and now. I would not have done well in the good ol' days. I need showers, a/c and deodorant. Not necessarily in that order;)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

All learning is GOOD learning Lisa! You know you love my entry!!

Hallie :)

Memaw's memories said...

I've always thought I'd like to have lived back in the good ole days. Maybe have moved west on a wagon train.

But I'd have probably ended up being taken by Indians and living as a squaw the rest of my days.

Oh and I'd probably be dead by now. Not many women lived to be 59.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I like "Not a lot of excitement" kind of weeks personally! :-)

The exciting ones usually cost me to much money and/or aggravation!

I've been having a perfect "not a lot to blog about" kind of week myself! lol

Homesteader in Training said...

Well I'm glad that you were born cause you sure do entertain me lol. You are a blessing.

Sage said...

And thank you for being part of my blessings! You are in a good mood today....that's great! I'm struggling, but am trying to work myself out of this funk. And reading your happy post should help!