Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Home and SURPRISE!!!

Short Weekend! Or long, depending on how you want to look at it. I left Friday morning to meet up with a friend of mine so we could ride together to see my son. Lance was going to Tyler to test for the police department there and I wanted to see TJ. So we met up at the Henryetta Police department, left his car there and off we went. It was such a nice drive. We did not push it all, in fact, stopped four times. We had to make two pee stops (for me) one stop for lunch, and one stop for gas. It took longer than it should have, but we just were not in a hurry. We also stopped by the hotel so Lance could check in before going on down to TJ's house where I would be staying. I can not NOT believe I did not take one picture. It was honestly a very quick trip, yet relaxing, but I did not even get my camera out of the bag. Amanda (my dil) is such a beautiful girl and I should have taken tons of pictures of her, but we just did not get energetic enough to do anything!

As of right now Lance stands in second place with the written and physical agility testing being done. He got sick after doing all the running outside, he really pushed himself to put on a good showing for the officers there. But he may have over done it. The boy guy wore long pants (that is what he runs in at home) in Texas, in July. Yes, he got over heated. I just hope he does good enough with everything else to get hired. He truly wants to be a police officer and he will make a GREAT one, just hope he gets a chance to prove it. Keep positive thoughts in your head and heart for him if you will. I have known this young man since he was in the 7th grade, I was his DARE officer and since then I have known him from High school, friends with my son and daughter, taught him in college classes and even in defensive driving school. He is a really neat person and I wish him nothing but the best.

All weekend my husband's daughter was calling me on a hard mission to find something specific for her son (my grandson!) for his birthday. HE WANTS A PUPPY. But not just a puppy, a boxer puppy like our Zoe.
He loves my boxers and those dogs are so good
with kids and family that it is unreal. His birthday in July 29th, right around the corner, and she does not put stuff off till the last minute. Never has, probably never will. She is very organized, a list maker, and a very focused person. There would be a new puppy NOW. But we want to keep it as a surprise for Caleb since he has requested a puppy with a bow around it's neck, in a box with lots of food. All day Saturday she was trying to figure out how to make this happen and I was in Texas of no help to her. So on my way home today (Sunday) we decided if she could get the kids to me I would keep them tonight while she and her husband drove three hours away to go get a puppy. So when I got home I had a great surprise. My grand kids drove up about 10 minutes after I did. Grandpa had gone to get them at the "meeting place" and both of them acted like they had not seen me in years!!! I just love it when they are smiling and running to see me. Caleb was screaming Grandma!!! He has no idea why he is here with me. I asked him and he said, he didn't know why, his mom and daddy just wanted to get away from him for a while. I laughed and said no, mommy and daddy just wanted some alone time. He laughed and said ok, how long can I stay? 10 day!? (oh my!) Allie didn't say much, she just reached out her tiny little arms and grunted for grandma. That's enough, I know what that means....I love you grandma, please take me now!~ So I did. She just laughed and wiggled in my arms. Oh she is such a sweet baby girl. But tomorrow I think they are going home, I will then sneak a puppy out of the house and bring it back with me (and my three dogs) take it to the vet to get it checked ( I am NOT happy with the lady who sold this dog to my kids, she misled them on several things and they have paid her some really good money for this dog.) So I am going to get it to the vet first thing. And then I will keep it till his birthday when "Howlly"(Hallie) or "Stella" has a bow tied around her neck, placed in a big box with lots of food and one little boy begins his life long dream of owning his first puppy.
My one and only little of boxer puppies born on January 13, 2005 c-section in my living room!


Homesteader in Training said...

Ok I'm going to have to send this post to my best friend. Because she just loves boxers. She has one too and it's the cutest boxer I've ever seen in my life. She has pictures of it on her blog on my sidebar Blessed Beyond Imagination. Too cute.

Debbie said...

LOL, I was posting when you commented and probably typing YOUR name in the post!

I am sending up prayers Lance is hired and realizes his dream :)
Bravo to him for serving his country! (and for running in TX heat UGH)

I can just FEEL Caleb's excitement when he gets his new puppy and I'm just excited for him..oh lawdy those are absolutely adorable puppies you had! I hope the vet checks out Caleb's baby well and all goes good with that :)

We'll want lots of pictures of the special occasion of course!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The puppy might be named Hallie? YAHOO!!!

I've never seen a pup with my name!!

Love it!!

Hallie :)

Mental P Mama said...

What fun! I hope the puppy is okay...I'm sure your TLC will make it perfect!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I had to laugh at this song. My daughter is begging for another dog. A chihuahua or a yorkie. She is sitting here with me when your song started playing. I had to laugh.

I said "Hey! It is one of your songs!" lol

Sage said...

Lisa, I'm glad you had a good trip, even if it was short. Best wishes to your friend, Lance, on fulfilling his dream.

What a neat surprise to have your grandbabies there overnight. The night after mom's funeral, our Ben, who had never stayed overnight before, stayed with us. It was problems.... except I'm afraid I let him stay up too late!

Be sure to take pictures of the big surprise for Caleb! Oh, what fun that will be......he will be so excited!

Thank you for checking up on me and for thinking all those good thoughts for me during this past week. I've felt the thoughts and prayers, and they've given me so much comfort.


Kathy C. said...

Oh my goodness. I loved looking at your pictures. What better gift could a boy ever get than a boxer puppy! We have a beautiful boxer girl and my hubby grew up with boxers. They are truly the best as you said! :)
Sweet photos, makes me wanna just kiss those squishy lips! ;)
Kathy C.

Trailboss said...

I am SO glad to have found your blog through pioneer woman. I too am a boxer lover. We bred our youngest january of 07. She had 7 boys! We own 2 females and I don't think I will ever own any other breed than my beloved boxers. Feel free to jump over to my blog for lots of pictures of our girls!

Putz said...

o lisa, lisa lisa, al those guppies, i mean puppies, did i ever tell ou i had four dogs and a cat and twe fish and 1800 birds i watch on my back porch

Putz said...

hey you and kvegas911 are both featured on the putz...go law enforcement or in your case ex lw enforcement