Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Latest Victims

This is my ex-husbands cousin and MY FRIEND.

Todd has raised three children pretty much by himself. Two daughters and one son, you can tell he loves his family.

Then add the grand kids....One daughter has two, Zoe and Zane. The other daughter has one girl Cheyenne. They are married to wonderful young men. The son is still in high school.

Todd lost his mother to breast cancer many years ago on Christmas Eve. His dad remarried a very nice woman who has raised 9 children of her own. Then there is Chuck, Todd's brother. Chuck has been diagnosed with Lou Gerick's disease and was having a lot of pain tonight.

Here is the whole family. All even dozen. Man that is a lot of people to try and photograph.

Here is his oldest daughter, son in law and two kids. The little boy was not one bit interested in doing pictures.... are you kidding, there are way too many things to look at and play with.

Aren't they two beautiful girls?

Daddy and Zane sat still for one second. And that was it.

After a drink of water (down the shirt) we now had to look at the airplane...for just a second.

Of course playing on the bench is a lot of fun too..
for just a minute!

But then so is throwing money into the fountain. Now this lasted longer than a minute. It lasted as long as dad had change in his pocket to keep giving to them!

Daughter number two with her precious little one. She is going on 7 months, and I think she looks like her daddy.

And she is a daddy's girl.

Todd with his son, oops Todd, looks like he is tall as you.
He is how old??? 17 maybe? Better watch out.

John and his wife smiled all the time. They were such good sports. It was hot, they were tired, it was late, and they stayed there for nearly two hours just waiting on us to get all the pictures done. What a trooper they both were.

Chuck, he is doing pretty good for having not suppose to live past LAST Christmas. The doctors told him he would do good to live till then. He has beat that and is still going. But he is starting to have a lot of pain. He uses his motorized wheel chair nearly all the time, and sleeps in a hospital bed. So I was very surprised and pleased that he was there. It was very important to Todd that he be there to be included in the pictures. We had a great time tonight. I worked up a major sweat, but it was worth every drop.


Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful group of people...and they were most cooperative;)

Putz said...

what wonderful tributes and pictures of those you are so proud of ...kudos to you also

Memaw's memories said...

You are just doing so great on your pics. I know these victims will be proud of them.

I think I've told you before that when I divorced my first husband, I got custody of his family.

Homesteader in Training said...

Hi Lisa,
I wish we could be your next victims lol. You're doing great. We want to do a family black and white on the beach here.
Oh and I just wanted to tell you that the next time you talk to your nephew over in Iraq tell him that we so appreciate the effort he is doing over there. It's because of people like him that we can sit in the comfort of our home and feel secure.

Kristen B said...

The pictures turned out beautiful. I'm sure there with you on how hard it is to get little ones to smile - or even just cooperate! You did great, though. The colors are so warm and rich!

Michelle said...

You are doing great with the photos. Maybe that should be your next career.

I thought about starting a karate club at the neighborhood community center. But since I do not know how long we will be here I did not think that was fair.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I really enjoyed these pics. Thanks for sharing!


Meghan Smith said...

So i was close friends with the oldest daughter, Jodi! So weird that we were kinda kin! I am glad to see she is doing good! They are great pics, good job!