Wednesday, July 16, 2008

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma Style

Discoveryland Presents:

The dinner bell is ringing, time to go and eat some grub.
They dish up some pretty good fixins' too.
Baked beans, potato salad, corn, and of course a beef sandwich.

There is a tepee for the kids to play in.

The Indian dancers were not there Tuesday, darn it!

Pony rides for the children on some of the prettiest horses.
This is my husband's brothers and cousins.

Starting left, brother David, Raleigh, husband Scott, cousin Bobbie/husband Dale

The wives to the two brothers had slipped off somewhere and I did not get their picture.

Sorry girls.

This is one of the desserts you eat at the show! Strawberries and ice cream overflowing .God Bless America. We all remember!
The girls who "Can-Can" can ....sure entertain.
The pre-show cast singing,
we are in an outdoor theater.
It was very comfortable.
The show starts with Auntie churning her butter!

Curly comes riding in to woo his girl.

Of course Oklahoma involves lots and lots of singing!

This young man is from Canada.

Dreaming of the Surrey with the fringe on top.
He will take both his gals to the box supper if only he could.
(Anyone out there remember the real box suppers?
I do! And my grandpa was the auctioneer for them at my school! Oh so much fun!
You decorate a box, fill it with a dinner, and whoever buys it gets a fine dinner. But in the play whoever buys it gets dinner with the gal who fixed it! Kind of like a blind date!)

This guy could sing and sing and sing...and he did.

Bringing in the horses and wagon for MORE people to go to the box supper.
This cowboy Will Parker won $50.00 in Missouri roping at the fair.
Now he can go marry his girl.
Her pa promised!
And he bought her a saddlebag full of gifts!
Oops, he was suppose to bring her pa the $50.00.
That's going to cause problems later.

The horses are beautiful! And Awesome!!!!

Laurey and AdoAnnie singing.
Ali Hakim is a wandering Peddler who has asked Ado Annie to go to the "ends of the earth" with him. Now she thinks they are going to travel, he is thinking a one night stand! She thinks he means lets get married, he thinks he has gotten in over this head!!!
Will Parker learned how to dance down in Missouri while earning that $50.00.
But she is torn between who she wants to marry. Will talks awful purtie to her, but the peddler man is a smooth talker as well. And oh so handsome!
But the peddler man does not fool Aunt Eller. She has him pegged pretty good.
Ado Annie just "Cain't Say No" when a guy asks her for a kiss.

But her pa with his shotgun has different ideas. She will marry the man of her dreams!
So who does she end up with? Peddler man or Will Parker.
How about Curly and Laurey do they get together?
This is a love story filled with drama,
and violence (to some extent!). The villain Jud is in love
with Laurey too. But he is only a field hand, big, tough, rough, and a loner.
He lives in the smoke house while he helps Aunt Eller and Laurey run the farm.
When Curly comes a callin for Laurey he does not like it. He wants to kill him to keep him away from his girl.
This show was outstanding. Caleb enjoyed it as well.
There are no more play pictures for it got too dark and you can not take flash photography.
After the play we were able to go down and take pictures with the cast.
Caleb loved all the cowboys!

Now the girls.....that was another thing.
They loved him, but he was not too sure about that closeness thing.
Oh grandma! Not again, but they are PRETTY!
We are going to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers next.
Same cast and another great show.
But it is Oklahoma after all, and we are all about the


Mental P Mama said...

What fun! We did something like this in Wyoming once, and had a ball!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You realixe the 4th pic (pny ride) looks like the kiddo is sitting on a 2 headed horse!!


Lisa J said...

How funny Hallie that you would notice and pick up on that. You are a wierd one friend. You make me laugh!

Homesteader in Training said...

That looks like so much fun. I would love to take the family to something like that. I felt like I was there with all the great pictures and commentary lol. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing your day.

We are THAT Family said...

How Fun! My hubby took me to see Texas (same song/dance except different state :D) on our first date!

Debbie said...

I felt like I was right there with you! You amaze me with remembering details and staying focused! Heck, I would have come home smiling, but forgotten ALL the names and the songs! What a wonderful evening and Caleb is...again I lucky to have you guys!

He is SO adorable!! I'm glad you all had a great time and I am drooling over the strawberry concoction..YUM!

Debbie said...

Oh yes, Ms. Photographer...the photos? Perfect.

Sage said...

Okay my dear friend.....pick up an extra ticket for Seven Brides because I am coming! Wouldn't that be fun? I absolutely love going to shows, plays, concerts, whatever. And there is none better than the big musicals.....And if they ever do Brigadoon, I am REALLY coming!

Seriously, it looks like you had a ball, and I'm happy for you.