Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gone Visiting !

Good morning everyone,
I am in Texas visiting my son and dil. I drove here with a friend yesterday and it will be a very short trip. I will stay and visit today, then leave tomorrow morning after my son gets home from working the night shift. We have a friend that is testing for the police dept. here and he wanted to ride out with TJ one night to see how he likes it. His test is this morning and then his ride out is tonight. So I came down to see Amanda for the day. I will see if I get any pictures any where and will post them after I get home. But for now that is all I can tell you. Have a great weekend and will check in on everyone when I get home.


Mental P Mama said...

Happy Trails!

Debbie said...

Now I'm home and you're out having fun! I'm glad you got to go visiting...sounds quick but fun!

We will be here when you get back!

Tonjia said...

Have a happy visit and a safe trip home Lisa!

Amy said...

I hope you enjoy your trip. We are off to Maine for two weeks tomorrow. I hope you had a great week. I haven't had a second to blog. I'll see ya when I return.

Joni said...

well enjoy your little trip and good luck to the friend who is testing ~