Thursday, July 31, 2008

Every Body Has A Story

How Special are YOU?
I am sitting here tonight posting this for everyone to read in the morning. If I knew how to do that time thing I would do it. But I don't. Well I don't think I do. I am going to try it and see if I do!!! But I was watching a movie tonight and it got me to thinking about my friends who blog. You see, I have moved away from my town of 30 years, left behind any and all friends I had there. I had three special friends for most of those 30 years, one who lives in Nebraska, Linda J, one here in Sapulpa, Jill P and one that is in Heaven now, Cathy O. Those have been the three people that have been in my life for either all my life (Jill) or most of my life (Linda) or special in my life (Cathy). Jill is my cousin. She is five years younger, and when she was little I HAD to hang out and play with her. Then as we grew up I really got to where I liked hanging out with her. She was in my wedding, so pretty, I was 19 and she was 14. Her mother had died about a year earlier and her dad had already remarried. We have continued to be very close as the years have gone by. We have been there for each other through more than thick and thin but have never lived close to each other in our adult years till now. She is very special to me.
Linda has been my friend for 30 years. Ever since I moved to Enid and started church at 8th and Maine. We had babies together even. Her next to youngest son and mine are just a few days apart. And when she was having her last son I was in the hospital right across the hall from her. But I was sick with my pregnancy not having a baby for a few more months. She had a very difficult time after giving birth to Daniel and I kept track of her and her progress through her family as they came to be with her and to check on me. She moved away to Nebraska and we remained dear dear friends. She has one of the most loving families you will ever meet. Hardship has not been a stranger to that family, but through their love and God's gentle hand they have survived. I have drawn strength through them. Feared that when I divorced my husband that they would maybe disown me. (we were Church of Christ and you probably understand that comment if you are familiar with them.) It was a very scary time in my life. To lose my husband and then to lose my dear friend was a lot for me to deal with. But Linda and Gary both assured me they loved me. They were sad for me, but they loved me and knew this was a difficult time in my life. They did not judge me, they comforted me, loved me, and welcomed me in their home. What a Christ like example they were to me when I was already so down on myself.
Cathy and I shared a special bond with many things. She had three girls a few years older than my kids. So she went through the parenting things before I did and she was able to share experience, advise and Godly wisdom with me like none other. We lived in the same town, then they moved. They moved back and spent a lot of time together and then they moved. (they went to TEXAS!) And even with them moving to that foreign land we still remained very close friends. Till the cancer came and took her away. It is still too painful for me to discuss, but the cancer caused a distance between us and then more than anything, it took her life. Just like her girls needing her I needed her. We were still solving the worlds problems, we still were going to wedding together, sharing grandchildren stories, we had so much left to do together. We wanted to go to Alaska together, but it didn't happen. With all three of these friends I have so many memories. I have so many funny stories and good times. They have been my light in times of darkness. They have been my humor in times of gloom. They have been my rock in times of weakness. They are very good friends. And I count myself so blessed to have had them in my life. My children love them dearly and we talk of them often.
Now I have new friends. The reason for this post was I got to thinking about Debbie. Tomorrow she will embark on a new journey. She said she is a little bit nervous. I wish I could be there to give her a hug. A hug of calmness, of strength. I wish I could be there after she gets off work to just see what she thinks of her first day. That would be a good friend. She is dealing with so much. She has a really special story in who she is. I like that.
Then there is Marge. She is retired like I am and loves to travel. ME TOO. But she just lost her mother. There is a sadness in her spirit right now. Not something normal for her, it is just a heaviness that lives in her heart while her normal readjusts. She too has grandchildren, and has raised foster children, adoption, what does this tell us??? She has a lot of love in her life and she loves to share it with others. She has a really special story in who she is and I like that.
What about Hallie? Well she is different alright. She is outspoken, funny, sick, weird, fierce, and a strong love for family and life. She loves to play hard, she loves her man, is very dedicated to him, and her then her sons as well. Pride just spills out of her postings when she talks of her sons. Who appear to me to be quite different from each other. She loves her dad, and she counts her blessings each day he is with her on this earth. You can hear the love between them as well. Then she has lots of friends and values them immensely. Plus she loves to educate people. I don't think she has a true degree in education but that does not stop her for one minute trying to inform and educate those that who are brave enough to read her blog. She has a special story in who she is and I like that.
Memaw's Memories is Shirley. She made me a pair of tea towels that are beautiful. Ok, she didn't make them just for me, but I won them. On April 1st and it was no joke. She lives in Arkansas, has three children, two girls and one son. They are now all close to her in proximity and she LOVES having her grandchildren near her. We share that bond, grandchildren are truly a gift from God. It is the pleasure we get from not killing our own children when they were teenagers. She sews better than anyone I have ever seen (except maybe my Aunt Peggy) and I am in awe over her talent. She makes peach preserves too, plus had a tough life picking cotton if I remember right. She has a special story in who she is and I like that.
Mental p Mama has one of the funniest sense of humor. Between her cows, her ducks, her special sayings and her beautiful photographs her blog is very unique. She has two beautiful youngins'...twins. And after next year she too will join many of us experiencing the "empty nest" stage of life. She loves life, she loves her friends, has an eye for signs and reads them carefully. Studies them, shares them and encourages us daily. She has a special story in who she is and you know I really like that.
Michelle is a new reader friend of mine. She has recently moved to Florida, her life is changing with a new exchange student shortly. She has a daughter that has dedicated her life to the military (following mom and dad's footprints) and misses her daughter like all of us do when our children leave us behind. She has a special talent too. She is a black belt in karate. Who would have ever figured that? She loves her dogs (me too) she has the short stocking kind...bulldogs. A breed that I would love to have as well. She works still, and hard but takes time to visit her friends everyday in the blog world. She has a special story in who she is and I like that.
Then I have met Kristin at we are That family, and Beth from the Funny Farm. Both of these ladies have a special place in my heart. Beth loves horses, so do I. She lives in the country with her horses and beautiful flower gardens. Converted a dairy farm into a wonderful home for her three children. Her SON rides horses with her, and her girls are really not that interested. She loves her husband and misses him when he is gone. AND she has a great relationship with her in-laws who come to stay with them every summer. They spend time with the grandkids and Beth grows closer to her in laws as each year passes. Oh to be so lucky, to have such a relationship with our in laws family. I want that too. Kristin is a very strong Christian writer. She has a desire to blog, to teach, to guide, to inform and entertain. She is so funny watching her raise her three beautiful children. Some of her stories are so funny I just laugh so hard. She is one of the most positive people you will read. She will inspire you to be the best you can be, to be happy with who you are, and to see the good in everyone that you can. She is truly one of my favorite blogs to read each and every day. She and Beth both have a very special story in who they are and you know what? I like that.
Then I have met Kim,Joni, Tonjia, Lisa and Amy. Oh and the Park's Wife too. Look at all these new friends I have met in just a short period of time. Amy with two beautiful boys and a handsome husband that is a police officer too. Tonjia is a nurse and works really hard, too hard if you ask me. Kim is funny and loves life. Joni has a quiet spirit about her. She too is full of love with a kind spirit. And Lisa just lost her step mother. She had told her she loved her just hours before she unexpectedly died. They had been visiting and had a great time together, man that is so awesome. And she loves chocolate. You know right there she is a great girl if she loves chocolate!! They have very special stories in who they are and I like that. The Park's Wife is incredible. She takes care of animals, her two boys, a husband, garden, house and I am soooo jealous of her future home being built on a beautiful piece of land. Her talents are many.
I know this is really long and if you are still with me I just want you to know you are each very special. You have a story to be told. How valuable you each are and I am only getting to know you. I feel so blessed to have you in my life even if it is through a written form known as blogging. How do we connect? We share, we understand, we support, comfort,and laugh with each other. How can life get any better than this. So if I should die tonight, my life has been very full getting to know you. The priceless Mona Lisa???? She has nothing over each and every one of you.


Sage said...

How sweet of you Lisa! Thank you for your kind words. I count you among my friends, too. Isn't it funny how fast we become friends with people we've never seen? There's something about the written word that seems to show you immediately whether that person is someone you would get along with or not. Seems we can judge people quickly through their blogs, the people and subjects they write about, and their interests and daily activities.

As I lay in bed last night, before sleep finally came, I was thinking of just the thing you blogged about, my online friends. I was thinking about those friends who I would love to meet......and guess who was on the top of the list! Maybe someday we'll be able to meet, but until then, I look forward to our daily talks!

Blessings on your day,

Michelle said...

One day, soon, I will be in Tulsa and we will meet and it will be like we have been friends for ever. I appreciate your comments and I count you as a friend too.

You have a really special story in who you are and I like that.


P.S. The Flip is soo easy to operate and is so handy to have around. Much less cumbersome than a regular video camer. (Which sits in a drawer waiting to be charged when I need it)

Debbie said...

Well girl, you've outdone yourself, this is one of the best posts I've read...we really don't know how we impact others in this bloggy world but you really summed it up so well! It is amazing we can be such good friends from reading, laughing, sharing our stories and our lives and never even meeting! God's bringing us all together and I am so thankful for my new friends too, especially YOU!

Joni said...

everybody does indeed have a story and how special of you to celebrate each of us the way you did...friendships are very important and I am always amazed at the support and encouragement that can be found here amongst all of us bloggers. It says a lot to me that you value each of us for something a little different...if the whole world could rally behind these simple thoughts what a wonderful place it would be. Thank you for being accepting, open, honest, and a pretty good people-reader *wink...I do have a quiet spirit, but darn it I'm trying to live out loud...but it's good to know you love me for me...thank YOU Lisa for being a's fun getting to know everyone...makes the world feel not quite so big.

Homesteader in Training said...

That was beautiful Lisa, and if I'm the Kim you're talking about then I have great big hugs coming your way and if I'm not then shame on you for it not being lol. J/K my friend. I to have enjoyed the wonderful girlfriends I have met on here and the bond that is building between some of them. I always enjoy reading your posts and love reading your comments on mine. You are an encouragement to me. We all have a place in blog land. We are all different but able to encourage each other in different ways. I love it!
Blessings to you my friend.

Memaw's memories said...

What a neat post for you to take the time to talk about your old and new friends. Where would we be with our friends. We love our family, but friends are so very important too.

I'm Church of Christ so I got the divorce comment. I'm divorced too and remarried and divorced again. But my plan is to go to Heaven anyway.

We are THAT Family said...

Wow, Lisa. I'm totally flabbergasted and at a loss for words. (That doesn't happen often).

You have truly blessed me. I hope I can be half the person you just described.

Thank you.

Tonjia said...

Lisa, this post just took my breath away. I feel so much like you do.

My friends online hold a very special place in my heart, and my new blogger friends are quickly becoming some of the coolest people I have ever encountered.

My dream is to someday meet those of you whom I hold near and dear.. You, Debbie, Hallie, Michelle, Amanda, Kim-D. I could go on and on.

Maybe someday when we are coming to Talala to visit my parents we can swing by Sapulpa just to say Hey! and I will buy you lunch.

Love this blog... todays entry really touched my heart.

Putz said...

i'm your friend