Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wait For Me


Oklahoma was awesome! I came home and started working on pictures from the play, from class Monday night and then decided to order pictures and start me a portfolio. That consisted of 35 8x10's because they are on special right now. So here it is 2:10 a.m. and I am not in bed YET. My blog posting will have to wait till later this date. We are taking Caleb home (whenever we get up today!) so my posting will be late. So please wait on me, check later and hopefully I will have some cute pictures up and a nice story about our event tonight!

See ya soon!
p.s. I bet you can guess what my next blog song is going to be!!!!!


Mental P Mama said...

Looking forward to hearing about it...see you soon Caleb!

Eckmama said...

Do they really do the whole "movie" in the show? Because that's a loooong movie...I still love it, but it's LONG. I can sing every song too. Jarred always gives me a hard time about knowing all the Oklahoma stuff but none of the Texas history/songs/etc. I always have to remind him that I wasn't in Texas for elementary school, I was in ENID, and strangely enough they don't teach Texas history in Oklahoma. So I'll be learning it right along with my kids! Hope you're getting some good sleep. Have a safe trip with Caleb!

Becoming Me said...

Sounds fun!!

Tonjia said...

I LOVE the play Oklahoma.. can hardly wait to see pics!

Debbie said...

I'm for some reason remember South Pacific where "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Head"...LOL Maybe that's where my blog title came from. I KNOW I would like Oklahoma! I can't wait to see! Hurry!

As far as panties...yes, I wear the ones that cover everything and by them in sets of bulk! NO VS FOR ME!!

Putz said...

my son says he would rather put his head in the toliet, rather than watch the musical les miserables, what do you think about thatlisa??