Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Gift

No Pictures!
Today I would love to post some pictures of Caleb's birthday gift, but I don't have any yet. Last night was my last night of photography class and although I am not "really good" yet, but I am getting better. I have enjoyed taking the classes and think this fall I will be taking some college classes just to continue my education, and for the socializing part of it as well. So having said that, I just have not had time to get any pictures unless you count 5:30 this morning while we were outside taking care of business! I don't think so.
Yesterday you remember we had the grandkids. The plan was to return them home and make a switch. Well that went pretty good, not quite as early as I had thought, but by about 1:30 we were on the road again! So we took Caleb and Allie home. As I was getting ready to leave their house for Scott and the gift were in the car, I was giving my kisses goodby and Caleb starts crying. He did not want grandma to leave, or why can't he go with me! Then Allie starts crying, then I start crying. It just tugs at my heartstrings to hear my grandbabies cry for being unhappy. Especially when it is something so simple to fix. I told Caleb we would see him this weekend for his birthday, and he was like .....sob, sob, ok, sob, sob, ok I guess, sob, sob. Poor little guy. He is a very sensitive little guy, but then so is my husband. They both cry at the drop of the hat. It is actually funny at times. We will be watching a movie, like even a cartoon or something and my husband will be over there crying. Not out loud, but tears coming down his face. At first it was endearing, now it is just funny to me. I like a sensitive man as well as the next girl, but I don't want a sappy hubby. I am not a big crier, except when it comes to my grandbabies, and when I was taking pictures of the new baby with her family. Then I teared up pretty good. It was just soooo sweet. Ok, enough of the crying stuff.
So out in the car was Scott and the new gift. I was not too happy of a camper when I heard that the breeder sold my step-daughter and sil a puppy that was Not EVEN five weeks old. She is five today. But I was furious! That puppy should not have been taken from its home till about 8 to 10 weeks. But the rest of the story is....she is one of 11 puppies born c-section. There were twelve but one did not make it. I feel the puppies are just a lot of work for the owner and she was ready to get them gone soon as possible. But the kids drove three hours to see these dogs, paid a pretty penny for her and then come to find out she has no shots, and is so very young. I was not happy. Soon as I got into the car and took her from my husband I gave her a good look over. She is PRECIOUS. She is very healthy looking, nice size, and very social. She is just already so smart, I see a very special puppy here that I just can not even begin to explain. She is playful, yet calm. She listens, then will respond. I told her I was her grandma and she just started little barking, whining like talking to me saying...oh, it is nice to meet you grandma, then leans up into my face and gives me a kiss. I swear to you, how can this little dog already be so sweet? We have had no accidents (or purposes!) in the house. She goes outside and pee pees. She goes outside and potties, comes back in the house and plays a little and sleeps. She went to bed last night about 11:30 in the kitchen in an exercise kennel without crying. My dogs were in the living room when I went to bed, don't know if they stayed there or not. Then at 5:30 my dog came to the door to get me up, and the little sweetie was in the kitchen crying. I took her outside and she took care of business. Now just like all babies she is a lot of work, but I have told Chris and Sarah they have the potential of having one heck of a little dog here if they take care of her right. Spend the time now and they will have a wonderful life with this dog.
I told Sarah we need to have Caleb's birthday Saturday. We were going to wait and celebrate on his birthday which is a week from today. But I fear if we wait that long I will get way too attached to this puppy. I am hoping that when Caleb comes to visit that they will let her come too. That way she will get used to being at my house with my dogs and they will all get along and play well together! If they need to go out of town she can stay here and if I need someone to watch my "kids", they will be comfortable with her.
I just went outside to take her pictures, so I will get them posted here in just a little bit! Stay tuned!

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