Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!!

Happy 4th of July
Happy Birthday America
and many others
who are
special day today!
I hope everyone has time with family
or friends, good food and fun.
Be safe, careful, and smart
during this festive time.
And think of me as the day turns
to night for I will be shooting
up the sky!
Maybe some pictures but don't
count on it for firework shots
are hard and we really didn't
talk much about it.


Putz said...

i remember you were the one who was either oking for lots of fireworks or had lots of fireworks snd here it is the day you will shoot all your fireworks off to say happy birthday to me, oh i mean america

Michelle said...

Hope you have a safe, sane and fun 4th. And try to take some pictures!