Wednesday, July 9, 2008

They Are Here!

Our Grand Kids Are Back!
It seems like forever since I have seen them last. I like having them around about every two weeks or so and WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN THEY LEAVE??? Yes, I fear the sadness in three years when this precious little baby girl will be a terror on legs running everywhere at three, almost four years old. And this handsome little guy will 10, our little man. That will be a sad day to see them pack up and head out to their duty station. I will cry worse than any baby, my heart will be so heavy. BUT NOT TODAY. Today I will embrace the time I have with them. Things are going so good with us and this little family. I can't say the same of times past, but that's just that.....time past. Often I had been told to just quit, quit trying. But I have always said I am the eternal optimist. Someday things would be ok, someday we would have a bond, a connection and now we do. For the first time in a very long time I see appreciation for what we do. And that is my love language. I have to feel appreciated, I also need to feel needed. That is my personality. Why was I a police officer for so long? I love helping people in need and then teaching the DARE program gave me the appreciation I needed. Those school, kids, and teachers were so appreciative of my work and made it so worthwhile. Now I am having that with this family. AND I LOVE IT. I love being asked to keep the kids, I love the privilege and honor of molding and shaping the being of two little lives. Last night it stormed here. Not only are my dogs scared of thunder, but it seems that one little guy is too. I loved him coming to the door and opening it ever so quietly. I looked up and saw him coming in...grandma? Yes honey.....uummmm, come on, get in here. Man he ran over to the bed and I grabbed him up and he jumped into the bed. I told him to snuggle down and grandma would protect him. That lasted for a little while then he wouldn't stop talking. Ok, maybe he needs to go back to his bed, storm is gone it is after midnight. I take him back to his bed, put the dogs around him for protection, turn on the little tv and tell him to go to sleep. About an hour later he comes back in and says he heard Allie once. I didn't hear her so I think it was another ploy, and I tell him to just go back to bed and I will take care of her. He left, and I did not hear Allie until a couple hours later. Then I got up with her just screaming. I don't know why she does that except maybe she gets scared in the night with being in a new place. I rocked her for about thirty minutes she was still not go back to sleep, but I put her back down again. Just get back to sleep for a couple hours and then dogs need to go out. Good Grief! So I get up with them but it is raining. They aren't going to go out in the rain. I just decide to sleep on the sofa now, it is about 5:00, might as well. Everyone slept in till 10:00 which I was happy about. but then this is what we got to see a little while later.

This is our newest addition to the family. Darling Doe and Big Buck. Isn't he beautiful? She is so light colored. Trying to get their picture was hard, since they do not know me. They are not very trusting at all and as I was sneaking out of the house they heard me. They stayed around for a few minutes eating the corn that Caleb and grandpa had put out about an hour earlier.

The other day we had two does and three fawns. Now today was have Daddy buck and this doe. Not sure if she has babies, I think she does for she had some signs underneath if you know what I mean. She must have put them down for a nap and then wanted to go out on the town with "him". Don't really blame her for he is very handsome and I am sure he is available.

Yesterday afternoon when we picked the kids up from our meeting point. I swear that little guy has not stopped talking except long enough to sleep for a few hours. Even when he is watching tv he talks. Then he will ask me what is going on...well I don't know for I can't hear the tv. He has decided when his mommy and daddy get home from this quick business trip they are going to come get Allie and he is going to stay longer. He wants his time with out his sister. I understand that, I remember those days, and he is really an easy keeper. I just wish I could find the "mute" button once in a while.

So that is what has been going on around here. We shot off some fireworks last night before the rain came in, made pizza , ate cupcakes, and the fun is just beginning. I need to start working out so I can keep up with this little guy! Talk to you all soon, and don't worry, there will be pictures to come. I can't wait to show you how much Allie has grown, how she is "crawling" if you want to call it that, and how handsome Caleb has gotten since we saw him last. So hang on to your shorts, it is another grandkid alert!!!!


Homesteader in Training said...

How awesome that you get to spend such quality time with your grandkids. I know you will cherish the moments because they do go by fast. Oh and I would LOVE to have your chocolate cake recipe. You can never have enough recipes if you know what I mean. Talk with you soon,

Mental P Mama said...

I think it is wonderful that you get to spend so much time with them, AND you have the energy! Enjoy!

Sage said...

You are enjoying your Caleb, and I am enjoying my Caleb, age 15. He's been staying with us for three days now, such a delightful young man. I am going to blog about him, I am so proud of him. Glad you are seeing the kids and having a good time. And what's this about a chocolate cake recipe? My favorite cake of all time....chocolate. Post the recipe if it's so good!!!!

Michelle said...

I am so excited for the day when I get grandkids. I am so ready. Although, I do like my quiet time and it might be hard to give that up. Enjoy and kiss those cheeks for me.

Amy said...

I hope you enjoy having the kids with you - it must be so much fun! I hope you all have a lot of fun.

Debbie said...

Talking you silly is he? LOL LOL

I loved your commentary on the deer. You are hillarious and I don't think you even mean to be!!

Yes, cherish these precious moments, I agree!