Sunday, June 29, 2008


Where DOES Time Go?
I was reading blogs today and noticed I did not post yesterday. Why didn't I? Where does my time go and what do I really do each and every day? I love to brag about being retired and loving my new life, but I really do wonder about my time. Life is passing me by very quickly and I just can't seem to slow it down. Yesterday it rained again. I was going to get up and go to the store, but why get out in the rain, I don't have to. So I stayed on the computer reading, and playing the games that I love. Snood, and Zuma. I can spend hours doing that and of course I have to take care of my Webkinz. I have gotten where I don't even read the newspaper anymore. I spend all my time it seems on the computer. Oh I still do the dishes, laundry, take care of the dogs, sit outside if the I want to, watch the birds, deer and squirrels, really I just waste my time.
But I love my life. Yesterday after the rain cleared away, after I took a nap, after I watched several cop shows, I decided I still needed to go to the store. I want to get things for the 4th of July. Plates, cups, napkins, a red/white/blue theme of course. There is a brand new Wal-mart about 15 miles and it is suppose to be "special". One of a kind store. So we decided we should go take a look at it. We had heard it had furniture and more things than the other stores. It is also a "green" store. No lights were on, it was all lighted by skylights, the a/c was not very cool, but they are very energy efficient. I liked the store except for a couple things. The floors were very slick and the store is HUGE. I don't like having to walk miles to get my few things on the list. Of course nothing is close to each other. But we had fun just walking and looking. It is not a special store, it does not have a furniture section that I saw, and all I can say about it is, it was big and it was new and it was clean. IT'S WAL-MART! My cousin went with me as well as my husband and we did not do anything really. But it was nice just getting out of the house together.
But then the phone rang. My son called. He tells me his air conditioner is not working and he fears he will have to replace the whole unit. Then he tells me he is probably not coming home for the 4th because he will need to work the overtime. I am just broken hearted. The 4th is my favorite holiday. The family get togethers, the weather, the fireworks, just so much fun being together. I understand things in life happen, but I am still disappointed, very much so. My daughter has already said she won't be coming home, and my step daughter said they were going to her in-laws. My brother and his wife can't come either. My cousin is having a little get together at her house with her kids and some of their friends. So I don't know who will be coming to my house on that day. I have the fireworks bought, the food bought and will start cooking tomorrow, but why do these things have to happen. That is why I moved back "home" was to spend time with the family. But why does the family not want to get together? I see so many other people and their families are so close. They know that when the holiday comes they will all be together. I just wish that my family was like that. What happened? How did we become so busy that family time is just not a priority any more? Family is so important and I value it so highly. Oh wait, that's it. "I" value it. My values are not to be imposed on others. But I do think that is sad. I wish, I want, I need, but it isn't all about ME. lesson learned.
Yesterday....I love the thought of going back to my Yesterdays. But then I would not be where I am today, and like I said....I love my life.


Michelle said...

I read a bunch of blogs yesterday and commented but did not post to mine. I don't know what to write about. I am so sorry that your kids won't all be home for the 4th. I know how disappointing it is when your expectations don't happen. I am not having any expectations with Shays visit this weekend. I know she will be at a buddies place for a party on the 4th. At least I will get to see her when I drop her off and pick her up(LOL). Have a great Sunday.

Just Joni said...

thank you for dropping by my blog (even if Debbie told you to!) New friends are always welcome and usually inspire me in one way or reading your post today, I could totally own family has gotten so busy or has other priorities that get-togethers are nearly impossible...very sad really that we have all gotten to be so busy we pass over family time....I remember when I use to demand everyone be home for sunday supper and it worked for awhile...I am always hopeful for its return...maybe we need to make a bigger fuss in advance? If you come up with any solutions, please share!

I enjoyed your blog...I'll be back!
And you should join in the next photo really is fun!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love that you can confidentaly say you love your life.

Makes me smile....

Hallie :)

Homesteader in Training said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Like you I wonder where the time goes. So you're a fellow snowman lover huh? lol. They are just so cute. I did have the opportunity to have my first 9 years in Maine so I got to do the snowmen, snow forts, snowballs etc. I miss it sometimes. The majority of my family is up there. But here we are stuck in florida lol. I mean stuck because we've tried to sell our house but the market is so bad it just sat there so here we are. I hope you have a great 4th.

Sage said...

Well Lisa, maybe I'll have to come down after all! If your kids can't come you'll have all those fireworks and no one to watch you set them off.

We don't know if we're having anyone around or not. I'm half tempted to pack up the little camper, tell one of my siblings that they can take over for the weekend, and head off to our son's place about 2 hours from here. We haven't seem them much since we quit traveling, so it's a long over due visit.

And I agree. I love my life too, but I wonder why everyone is always so busy that we can't get together as often as I'd like. But you're also right about it being your values. Or my values. We can't put them on to someone else, can we.

If you get too lonesome, drop me an email.....we'll keep each other company!


Tonjia said...

I am so ready to retire!! I am jealous of your life. LOL

Life gets in the way sometimes, sorry to hear your son isnt coming for the 4th..

Mental P Mama said...

So sorry all your birds will not be home...but something tells me you will have a wonderful time no matter what!

Debbie said...

I think Mental Mama is will have fun cause you're just a trooper (pun, police, intended)

That sucks and my family has gotten that way too...what's with these people!! I will be thinking of you on the 4th and the big bang you're having with the "works"!

My friend has "labels"!!! Good job!

My butt is numb...reading too much!

Putz said...

i have a feeling that i reminded you too much of your nonretirement days by talking about civil service police questions, and i.m sorry for that, so i will remind you that you are doing just fine on your retirement with your birds and computer , dogs...add to that grands(YOU EXPECT YOUR KIDS TO VISIT)..books, movie occassionally and you have my life

Memaw's memories said...

I don't know how a retired person stays so busy. My theory on going everywhere and anywhere while I can, is that someday, I won't be able to. I can rest then.