Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flat Wallet

This is my flat wallet. That is a regular size Sharpie laying next to it. It measures about

It is pretty thin. As you can
tell by this pen next to it.

The pen is inside it and the wallet
shut. You don't see it bulging do you?
No, because it is not.

Open it and you have the DL opening
along with four credit card holders.
Behind that I have my pictures from
another wallet and misc junk too.
On the right side is a zipper for change and behind that is a spot for the paper money.
You can put your check book and pen in there too.
But not too many people carry check books, just debit cards.

I am just trying to show another shot of the size of the wallet. I just love this thing. I paid, ( I mean my husband paid!) $20.00 for it. I think she is sold out at this time, she says she just can not keep them in stock. They come is so many colors and textures. Some with bling added and some plain. I liked the plain. I think there are prints as well. I did Google "flat wallets" and found a place that sells them for $10.00, but I don't know what brand or quality. I just know it holds a BUNCH of stuff and is so handy. They even have one that is credit card size and just holds a few things like a few cards, id, folded money etc. It is about 1/2 the size of this one. I like it too, but needed more room. Let me know if you all find them, probably more in little specialty stores, I don't know maybe Dillard's has them, I have not looked. But I love mine. They had red, pink, black, brown, and a couple prints if I remember right. I want to get pink for my daughter and then I want to see what the fall colors are going to be. She is going to market this next week I think. So I will let you know what we find out about that. Hope you have enjoyed this little show brought to you by the fashion "police". Get it??? Police?? Me?? I used to be a police???man?? funny huh???? Ok, good night! Now I have to see if I can find a song to go with THIS post.....if not, you get to hear the squirrel song again!!!


Sage said...

I WANT IT! Looks perfect. Guess I'll start looking around my area for one. I need something small to prevent overloading and getting so heavy that my shoulders hurt from carrying it in my bag.

And that little grandbaby is just the sweetest thing! Hug on her, kiss on her, love on her. They grow up so fast!

Blessings on your Wednesday.

Mental P Mama said...

Yuk yuk yuk. The fashion police. yuk yuk yuk. It is very interesting...and holds everything? wow

Eckmama said...

I think I may have seen a girl in line in front of me with one of those, but I didn't know what it was until I read this post. I haven't heard of them but I'm excited for you to have something you like so much! GO SCOTT! Way to pick an awesome present!

Debbie in NC said...

I want one too! I love the "flat" part...holds a lot but doesn't take up much space!! I will go looking :)