Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phantom of The Opera

Click on the Title and it takes you to a You-tube of the Phantom of The Opera. We are going to see it. I hear this is one of the very best shows to see. We have held season tickets for the past three or four years just so we can see some of the featured shows. I have seen The Lion King, Wicked, and then several other shows such as Annie, Momma Mia, Hair Spray, Johnny Cash, and so many others. We are really looking forward to this and hope it holds true as to how good it is. I will give you an update tomorrow.
PS. Three inches of rain this morning, one inch yesterday, and about five the day before. This is getting really old quick. Keystone Lake is 21' above normal. Not good, not good for boating and other recreational things and with the 4Th of July coming up, it could hurt tourism around here. Hope you all are not drowning, nor in a drought!!!! Sure wish I had saved this water up somehow, I will be needing later this summer no doubt.


Sage said...


We saw the Las Vegas production of Phantom in December. I absolutely loved it! It was at the Venetian in Vegas, in a theatre built specifically for Phantom. It was the biggest production I've ever seen, and I was completely star struck! I love going to plays and musical productions. The college where I worked has a wonderful theatre department, and I've seen many shows there. And we have a dinner theatre up by Minneapolis where we've seen several ...including Annie, and my favorite Brigadoon. I hope you are keeping your head above water. This is a weird string of weather, isn't it.

Thanks for your comforting words of friendship and support. You'll never know how much I appreciate your kindness. I hope I can repay it someday. Blessings, Marge

Putz said...

well lisa, you seem normal, came over from debbie. i was an army brat and proud of it and i support defense, but i don't like this long damn war, boys dead. 10 billion per month in dollars plus 12 months times a hundred years is 12 trillion dollars, also i love llyold weber and les mis, and

Debbie said...

I sent this to David at work and he loved it!! He laughed and laughed and then shared it with the other Public Safety guys! LOL

Debbie said...

Please send water here! Our lake is already going down :( Also, not good for jet skiing!

I have only seen 2 plays in my life. Fiddler on A Roof and Peter Pan....would love to see these!

Debbie said...

ROFL...I'm glad Putz thinks you seem normal!!! He hasn't been reading long, has he?

Just know I love ya girl :)

Tonjia said...

I would love to see Phantom. My daughter wants to see it too. Maybe we can catch in Las Vegas sometime..