Friday, June 6, 2008

I MAY Have A Problem

I don't know if you remember me posting a while back about the webkinz that I had purchased, but it started with just two. I got involved thanks to my niece and nephew and of course I can blame it on a grandson as well. He NEEDED one. So I GOT him one. Then I NEEDED one, and I GOT me one. Now just take a look at how they have multiplied. And they each have a name, clothes to wear on the Internet, not in real life, and they are all fed on the Internet, not in real life, and they are all in my living room on top of the TV in my very nice, entertainment center.. Not what most people would expect to find in a nice entertainment center. But then I am not your "normal, average" person either. I really like these little guys, and now I have gotten my seven month old her own. She has a Panda Bear named Ling Ling (we call her Ling for short!) Allie will sit on my lap while we do the webkinz stuff and if I switch it to something else she will rock her head back into my chest, grunt, fuss, and stiffen the body, or just flat squirm around to look at me. When the old guy comes on to do the gem mining she lays her head over to the side and just lays it there till he is through talking. It is really cute, sad, but cute. I am not exaggerating, you can ask my husband, I made him come in and watch her. We will definitely have to monitor her computer use to make sure she does not become addicted like other people can do. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that with me. Wheww. (I think there are 15 in the picture, but there is one more here at the computer with me.)

And then I had to add my other possible addiction. Miss Allie.
It takes the whole trunk area to pack up this little girl to take her to stay with her Aunt Sherri and Great Grandma Mary. (G.G for short!)
And I had to get a picture of all the ladies. This would be a four generation picture if Sarah had been there. Sherri is Sarah's mother's sister. Kim passed away nearly 15 years ago and Sherri has been very close to Sarah all her life. Mary is a very good grandma, very giving and loving. So when they accepted me into the family that was very sweet and overwhelming. It was not easy for them I am sure, but with time they have become some very dear people to me and I think they feel the same about me.
And this little girl can wrinkle her nose, snort at me and make me laugh. She is such a good baby and I missed having to give her back to her momma a couple days ago. But the wonderful thing...they are now only on hour away. I am sure we will be seeing more of the grand kids!


Mental P Mama said...

You are so funny. Who wouldn't want a grandma with all those webkins??? I want to bite that baby. Oh yes I do!

Memaw's memories said...

This is the most adorable baby. Her cheeks need to be pinched and kissed and pinched and kissed again.

And what's wrong with having a cazillion tiny animals on your tv. Where else would you put them?

Sage said...

You may have a problem, uh? Well, now that you've admitted it, you should be okay, right? My name is Lisa and I may have a problem!!!

Little Miss Allie has got to be one of the cutest babies around! She would be my problem....I would want to love on her all the time, not leaving room for other adictions!

You are a good grandma, and a fortunate one. Seems you're seeing that precious baby pretty often! Yay for you!

Blessings on your Saturday,

Debbie in NC said...

WA is in your future...Webkinz Anonymous!! rehab needed for Allie addiction!! Just more more more!!!

You're getting good at the song pickin girl! And I was so exhausted, I took a long nap and didn't see race! I'm sorry! I hope you enjoyed it :)