Friday, June 13, 2008

Look Who Came to Visit Today

A Great Day For Visitors

This doe came right up to the fence to eat. I feed the squirrels corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds. I am guessing she likes it too. I threw an apple out last night and I think she ate it so she came back for more this morning. The neat thing is she also came back tonight for dinner. The dogs do not scare her. She ran off because "I" was yelling at the dog to leave her alone and quit barking. Rudy just goes crazy and kicks dirt with his hind legs, throwing it everywhere. It is funny. She just does not get bothered by them at all, however she does drive them crazy!!!

So after I raised the window and kept softly yelling at the dogs to leave her and to come back to the house, then she finally ran back into the woods.

We also had some finches stop by for a snack. They seem to like the new feeder that Scott bought me. It holds a lot of food and other birds like it too. (And so do the squirrels, they have already torn it up once!)
Then I found this rose and decided I need to take a picture of it because it won't last long I am sure. This poor plant is nearly hidden by shrubs and other plants.
Of course Zoe is watching over things. She is getting old but is still the best dog. She doesn't get too excited about things, but she sounds terrible when she growls. Even in play, she sounds mean. But not a mean bone in her body.
Now these two are just silly. This brother and sister play together all the time. You would think Rudy (right) being the larger male would be dominate, WRONG. Callie is. She is also quicker and louder! Pretty isn't she? So is he, that just is not a very good picture of my handsome boy. I call him lover boy, for he is a very big baby and loves to be loved on. Sweet sweet sweet.
I also have a hummingbird feeder on the patio. Today was overcast, very cool (comfortable, about 72 or 73 all day!) with storms coming in again. So I think that is why everyone was in eating and in such good moods all day. I have several hummingbirds that come to feed and it is neat to watch the boss ones drive the others away. I wonder where the nests are and if I could ever find them. Scott says he can if given a couple days to do it. Don't know that we need to know that badly.

Thought this picture was a little better, and just different. I can't get a really good shot of the hummingbird though, darn it. Maybe I can learn how in my photography class????
And just another because I have a ton of them. I love the hummingbird and feeder. I mixed up some more juice today and filled it full.
And of course the squirrels came to feed as they do every morning. One of the squirrels comes within feet of me and takes a peanut then goes and buries it. Good grief, why doesn't he just eat it?
And this little one plays in the brush pile. He is not scared of me either. But the dogs do chase them off. They come in the yard to eat at the bird feeder, rather, under the bird feeder and the dogs just can't stand it. Sometimes they let them eat for a while then they give them a good chase. I fear one day the dogs will get one. Mainly because they can double team it, or triple team it if you get what I mean. Zoe will chase a squirrel!!! Probably will till the day she dies. She's such a good girl.

And this little rascal was jumping from tree to tree. Why? Because he can. He was not really going any where, I think he was just doing it to torment the dogs, or to keep me from getting his picture. He might be on the FBI witness protection program and doesn't like his picture plastered all over the Internet. So if you recognize him please do not disclose to anyone his where abouts. His family wants to stay here where they can be safe and well fed.

Plenty of room on the patio for a "come and sit for a spell" for any one that wants to come and join me. I can fix you some coffee or even a diet coke. I am retired you know so come on!!!!


Debbie said...

Lisa, this was a great post! You've got a little animal habitat goin on there! I love it! Squirrel or crow tore up my finch feeder this week. Brand new!

These are great're just taking the class to do don't need it girl!

The photo of your dogs at fence with deer, ready to run is priceless!! LOL LOL

Mental P Mama said...

Love it! The wild Kingdom. I have no hummingbirds yet. Sigh.

Amy said...

I love your photos. I wish I could get some hummingbirds here!