Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nice Little Surprises

Some Nice Surprises
I do enjoy the squirrels even if they do
cause me grief at times. How can you not think
they are just cute. They are God's creatures after all.

And I am not sure what she is thinking here.
Might be best if I don't know what she is planning.

But she is just too cute.

Even more cute than that squirrel !!

And she was a pill today. Did not nap well at all.

But that's ok, she was in bed by 8:45 p.m.

I need to hit the sack now!

And this is one of the nicest surprises I have EVER gotten.

Just look at the detail, and you can see

love in every single stitch.
These tea towels are too pretty to use, but I do.

I am amazed by the talents of other people

and feel so blessed to have received these as a gift.

I "won" a pair of these towels from Memaw Bakes Memories

and I can say it is truly one of the nicest gift I have ever gotten

from someone that has never met me. They hang

proudly in my kitchen and I have received so many

compliments on them. I love telling the story of how

they were made by a very special person.

Isn't is amazing how people touch our lives

in so many ways.

I am blessed.

Thank you!


Mental P Mama said...

I want to smooch all over that baby. Love the towels...isn't it fun having all these new friends?

Memaw's memories said...

What a cutie she is. I know you are have a great time with her.

There's nothing like a sweet baby to melt your heart.

Michelle said...

Oh, she is going to be into mischief if given the chance. Just look at that look.

Too weird about the rellies in Tulsa. Yes, Brian has left teaching/coaching to work full time in the concrete business. That is a problem across the nation. Teachers just do not make enough to support a family.

They are all really nice. There is thoughts that we will purchase a lot of land that Jo Ellens MIL owns and retire there. Not for a long time and still just a thought. If we could afford it now we would have Poppa move out that and supervise the construction of a house with a FIL apartment in the back for him. But alas we have not won the lottery.

She was perfectly fine with the roses. But I do like the idea of getting her something special to give to her when I see her. Thanks for the idea.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Ohhh.... I want to KISS that baby. She is BEAUTIFUL. And I REALLY mean that!!!

Debbie in NC said...

The first photo is priceless!! She is SO adorable and loves the camera :)

Love the towels, especially with the kindness that came with them :)