Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Falala and la di da
Today I am writing about something that is interesting to me. (as opposed to my other blogs...not being interesting to me?) That was kind of dumb. I love music. Not all kinds of music, I am very simple, I pretty much like country and a few other songs like the oldies. But I really do like music. I was reading a blog one day and one of the writers "pet peeves" was music on blog sites. I almost took mine off, almost decided to just quit blogging because I didn't fit in to the standards of blogging. And this person gets quite a few comments on her bloggs. In fact, most of the comments on that post was they do not like music on the blogs sites either. I am often so insecure about myself and my abilities to do anything on the computer so I almost...almost stopped. Then I remembered something. I blog for me, not everyone else. I blog because I like to hear myself talk and ramble. I blog because I needed a place to put my pictures and just have fun since I have retired. I did not know people were reading my blog other than Cara in Texas and Linda in Nebraska and of course Jill my cousin and neighbor! Then I started branching out and found out that other people will come over and visit. And I started visiting with them. That is actually how I found out that you can put music on a blog post. And I liked it. I used to go to this blog and just listen to her music while I played on the computer. But I have found a lot of people really do not like the music. It is too distracting. I agree. Rather I should say...I understand. I wonder if it doesn't bother me because for 21 plus years I listened to AM/FM radio, police radio, talked on the phone and listened to/for people as I am driving around town in my police car. Do you think that might be why it doesn't bother me? I actually listen to my play list, watch TV and read blogs or play on the computer. Weird huh? But I really do want to know how many of you are bothered by the music. Will I stop it? Probably not right now, but I might later on. I wish I knew how to fix it to only play if the viewer wanted it to play. Otherwise it was on the stop mode. So I put a poll on the side. Please vote and it does not hurt my feelings if everyone says they don't care for the music. I am just curious. I promise I will not change things just because everyone says so, I am not that big of a conformist, but I am a person that just wonders about people.
Another thing I want to know is....do you know what a flat wallet is? Do you have one, do you like it? Would you like to have one? How much are they were you live? What colors have you seen? What color do you like most? You can not hardly find them around here they are so popular and yes I got one. For my birthday from my husband. and yes I love it! I heard they are going to be featured on Oprah's Favorite list this fall. I was just curious as to what you think and know. And I needed something to blog about!
Don't forget to vote...with or without comment.


Mental P Mama said...

Well, I have to admit I turn off my sound most times I hit a site with music. I can't read it thoroughly and listen to an unfamiliar song at the same time. I guess that would explain why I thought the Squirrel song was about rain. I wasn't paying attention. What is a flat wallet? Please post a picture. My wallet is long, but not flat! And not because of a wad of money, either! I have teenagers!

Memaw's memories said...

The music doesn't bother me. At work, I keep my sound turned down unless I need to listen to a phone call. If I have sound on at work, you can hear the jigsaw pieces click together, and I can't have that.

Sage said...

I don't have an opinion about the music one way or another. It just doesn't make any difference to me. I often turn off the sound on my laptop anyhow because I take it to public places, and about the time I have it turned on I blast a whole coffee shop or something. I never remember to turn the sound down after listening so something. And I check a lot of youtube videos that seem to be really loud, so I often just turn off the sound.

And please tell me what a flat wallet is.....you have me very curious!


Michelle said...

I have music on my blog too. So I do not mind it being on others. I kind of like to see what kind of music others are listening to. I find you can tell alot about someone by the music they pick.

You can not post about a flat wallet and not show us a picture. It just is not right. I need a new wallet because my zipper broke on Sunday.

Cousin Brian Rich was the wrestling coach at Berryhill and his son Austin graduated from there this year. Then there is cousin Jo Ellen(Rich) Barclay. The parents are Gerald and Janet Rich. Do you know any of them?

My hubby graduated from Daniel Webster in 1979. All the cousins went to Berryhill.

It would be too funny to find out we know some of the same people.

Eckmama said...

I keep my sound turned off too, because typically when I get to read my blogs is when the baby is napping and I have to be quiet. The speakers just usually stay turned down. There was a song you had on here a while back, though, that the bigger kids LOVED and danced around to. I want to say it was The Tokens, but I don't remember for sure. Keep the music, it's your blog! And I love how you always try to 'match' a song to your post. That cracks me up.

Debbie in NC said...

I love playlist and music. I hear the song, then hit mute on my keyboard to read! Leave it on girl!

And for goodness sake? A flat wallet? I'm behind and trying to catch up, so I'll scroll up :)

And I LOVED the squirrel song!! LOL