Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big BangTheory

4th of July Is Coming

12 More Days!!!

Oh I just love the 4th of July and we are now living in the country where I can shoot fireworks!!! This weekend I had my grandson, niece and nephew so we had to shoot a few fireworks left over from last year. My parents always buy more than they and the US Army needs to blow stuff up. But I love it that way. So we did a practice run yesterday and last night just to see how things were going and to let Caleb have a little taste. He informed me he knew everything he needed to know about fireworks, punks, and stuff like that. I doubt that he does, but you can't successfully argue with a six year old. You know experience is the best teacher and I fear he will learn the hard way. Now if you have read my past postings you know I was kind of the same way, but we won't go there now will we?

So today I decided I needed to go get some more fireworks. Well, not really some more, just some. I didn't have any, just my parents, and I was needing a good firework fix. So we ran up to my Uncle Bill's place where his son has been selling fireworks for years. Daniel sells them to us at a very discounted price (Thank you Daniel and Uncle Bill, thank you ever so much!) and that allows me to buy MORE stuff. And this year is a three day weekend with the 4th on Friday. So the way I figure it, the 4th will be for three days. Get it? We will have to celebrate for three days in a row. Which is only fair because I sat at home by myself last year on the 4th and cried. I was not around family on my favorite holiday, was not shooting fireworks, and I don't know why I wasn't there. That may be my brains way of protecting me from bad memories....forget.

So of course you have to have some Black Cat fireworks. Oh yes, you must have them for the 4th or it just isn't American.

And then some Jumping Jacks. I like these too. Of course you can buy them by the pack, the little individual package, but why? I buy them by the brick.

Of course smoke bombs are a must. Most kids shoot the little smoke balls, but not us. We shoot the mega smoke bombs. These are muti-colors, and we also have the white smoke military smoke bombs. They are cool too but I don't have any pictures of them. Mom and dad have them at their house.
I mean just look at this stuff. The red/white/blue flag is nothing but missiles. It is like a giant Saturn missile. It measures about 2'x3'. It is huge. Then I have the other two big giant blow up things that the flag is sitting on. I have a tall mortar shooter called Sweet 16. I have not had that one before and Teresa said it was really good. Of course I have Night Crawlers (like the old fashion black snakes, but you light a fuse and the snakes just grow.) for the kids. Do you remember how hard it was to light the Black Snakes? Just took too much effort. You had to use a match or really get the punk going good and usually you just could not do it with the punk. I got three of these semi-truck looking things that whistle, spark, and flame, they are for Caleb to shoot. They are pretty cool. Mom and dad got a bunch of those. Then we have the old Cracklin' Ball that is pretty cool and fun for the younger kids. Texas Whistler, or Chasers or whatever you want to call them, I grew up with them as a kid. I love them. They shoot down the road, whistle then blow up. I always loved them because you never knew for sure where they were going to go. Better be on your toes! I got a couple 2 color Space Ships, some M-2 crackers and one of my other favorites is the Strobe Lights. I love the 4th of July. Any one want to come over for brisket and the fixin's?


Putz said...

my o my, we live right next door to evanstan wwyoming where everyting is legal, should i go there and bring back some cherry bomb, giant rockets, cluster rockets, for my local police to monitor???????????

Tonjia said...

OMG! what state do you live in? Here in Colorado hardly anything is legal anymore.

Eckmama said...

If Andy's birthday wasn't the day before, and we had an extra eighty million dollars for gas, we would LOVE to come for brisket and fixin's! I could make my mom's peach cobbler. We could watch my boys blast their fingers off. I remember the 4th at your house in Lahoma when I was...16? 17? My ears are still ringing. ;) LOL

Mental P Mama said...

I stand by my previous statement: You are the biggest kid I know! Love it!

Sage said...

What should I bring? Potato Salad? Carrot cake? Calico beans? Sounds like a party to me!

We have so many laws here in Minnesota that most of my grandkids have no idea what an old fashioned family 4th of July picnic is about. Oh, how I would love to have one, complete with the wash tub in the yard, filled with ice chunks and cold sodas like orange, grape, strawberry, root beer and an occasional 7-UP. The 4th was the only time we were allowed a whole bottle by ourselves! And more than one bottle even!

God bless your day, Lisa.

kimmy said...

Looks like you are all ready for the celebration. We are not allowed to use fireworks here in Maine. This weekend my husband and I were launching a model rocket with our son and the police came over because they thought they heard fireworks! We had a lot of fun though!

Thanks for commenting!


Debbie said...

One again you surprise me LOL! I've bought sparklers...does that count? Saw Kimmy's post about Maine. It was in ME when David was 3 that he became terrified of loud noise because he was sleeping on the ground during the display at Bar Harbor. It was the LAST display I saw until just a few years ago! He's over this now thank goodness.

Oh, you cried last year ((hugs)) I'm sorry sweetie...but this year you'll more than make up for it!!!

Michelle said...

I love the pretty ones that explode in the air! I miss those annual treks to the Indian Reservation to get our yearly selection. I miss the ooohs and aaahhhhs. Our neighborhood gets together in the street to light stuff off here. In our old neighborhood they got a permit to close the street and had a dunk tank, cotton candy machine and all the neighbors shared their stuff. Went all night. My doggies don't like it though. I give them benedryl and put them in their room with the TV a little louder than normal. But I will enjoy it this year more than last as I will have my favorite airman home with me.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ni fireworks in Maine. Probably a good idea. I highly doubt the wieners would approve!

Hallie :)

Michelle said...

Check it out, I have given you an award my blogging buddie.

Amy said...

Oh my - that is some great loot! I wish I were there to see you blow everything up! Bang!!! I am sure you will have fun!