Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Day

Today has been a very busy day. But it actually started last night. My cousin called and asked if I could pick her boys up in the morning after their workout. I said yes. But we stayed on the phone talking until after 1:00 a.m. We just needed to talk. Then I got up this morning to get the boy, I don't know around 7 or so. I didn't need to get up that early, but I woke up and there you have it. I went to get the boys and I have forgotten how boys smell after a good hard workout in the morning. Oh yes, brought back memories from my own son and days gone by. So we are on the way back to the house when the oldest says, "hey, do you have a key to the house?" UM NO! Great. You guessed, the house was locked tighter than a drum and no key. So to my house we go. I call her and say what do you want to do. She has a meeting at 9:30 so we will have to wait till she gets done with that. She does get finished about 10:15 and we decide to meet so she doesn't have to come all the way back home. We do. Now the boys are hungry. I offered to feed them, but they are so polite, they always tell me no, I don't need to feed them or get them anything. (but I was hungry too!!!) So we go to lunch and grab a quick bite to eat because their momma was running by to pick up some lunch for others. We get back home and thankfully the key works, the boys are dropped off, I will head home.

Now my husband is getting home from getting our 1/2 beef from the butcher back near Enid. His brother raises Angus cattle and had a couple show steers for the grandson that were through being shown. We should eat good for a while. Steaks anyone? They sold us a half beef a few months ago and I just love having a beef in the freezer all the time. I am bad about giving a lot of it away to my kids and other family members as they need it, but I just don't mind. I love helping others! But it will be really nice to have steaks and roast and ribs around whenever we want it, but it means SOMEONE has to cook. Darn it! The last beef we bought was just out of this world delicious. Sure is nice to have a family member in the cattle business.

So after putting everything in the freezer and getting my hands thawed out my husband is leaving to go help my parents do some spraying. Good, now I can maybe get a quick nap in. I am really tired. It seems we have either been on the go, had company or had the grand kids for the past six weeks. I'm tired. I think I will just shut my eyes for a little bit. Phone rings. My son calls to tell me he is getting ready for his interview for the detective position. Oh I am so excited for him. I hope he gets it, he really wants it, he will be good at it, and he LOVES having weekends off. And the take home car is a bonus as well (yeah with gas 3.93 a gallon!) Oh I hope he gets it. He has been in a six month rotation so this would be a permanent placement. He wants the spot for juvenile detective. I think that would be good because he doesn't have any kids yet. And he is good with kids, so I hope he gets it, plus that is what he wants. OK, phone call over.

Now I will rest my eyes for just a minute. Phone rings again. Now my cousin is off work and had a quick Dr appointment. She wants to know if I want to run to town with her and get some hair products at the state supply store. I have a card to get things because my sister in law is a licensed hair dresser and I get a card to pick things up for her. I live much closer than she does to the store and I don't mind getting things for her. Plus bonus for me! Yes, I will go. So we do. We had to run by the ice cream store too and grab a cone. Might as well, we NEVER get to do stuff like this. Then we have to run by the house where her husband is living with "the other woman" just so I can see where it is. I am still just in shock with all of that story, but I needed to see where they are living. No, I am not making any plans of any kind of anything. He will be taken care of later on, if not this life, then later, for the choices he has made. Of course I want him to pay for it now, but i don't get to make those decisions. I like NOT living in jail so that influences my decisions/actions!!!!

I get home and decide to shut my eyes for just a minute, my head is hurting and I need just a quick nap. THE PHONE RINGS AGAIN. (I know, you would think I would turn it off or something by now huh?) My daughter calls to see what I am doing. Nothing. Just sitting here. Was THINKING of taking a nap. "oh, must be nice to not have to do anything". Yes, it must be, I will let you know if I ever get to do NOTHING. We talk a few minutes, she is returning to work from a training class for evaluating personnel at the bank. Oh, I forgot to tell you , I ordered you two converter boxes and a new TV antenna for your TVs. As luck would have it, one box was sitting there on her porch. Good thing I told her, she was not expecting anything and would have sent it back she said. OK, go back to work and I will talk to you later.

I think I will read the paper for a minute, my eyes keep shutting, I think I might have drifted off, yes, the phone rings again. My husband calls. He is on his way home do I need or want anything???? I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION. I am tired, I WANT a nap, I NEED some sleep, I am getting cranky, no dear, I don't need anything. OK, now....forget it, it is time to feed the dogs, read my blogs because I have not done that all day, and now I will post because I have not posted anything today. There you have it. Nap? Nope, but I will go to bed early tonight. Wanna make a bet on that? Maybe I should turn the phone off?

ps. by the way MORE STORMS Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Oh wait for the next five days we have chance of rain. I need to buy a boat.


Memaw's memories said...

Whoever said you get to rest during retirement? I guess if you have no family or friends you can sit back and do nothing.

At lease now you have to opportunity to say no if you really don't want to do something.

Mental P Mama said...

Now I need a nap! Good luck to your son...I hope he gets it!

Debbie said...

OMG I'm going to take a nap for you after reading that! Gosh, hon! Turn the damn ringer off! Retirement is for napping...I take one every day and when I do go back to work, it will be P/T so I can nap! Daughter does realize you RETIRED already after a stressful CAREER! take a nap and that's an order LOL

I'll be praying your son gets the position!!

Michelle said...

Ok, So I took a nap for you. A very long nap. I stayed home from work today.Figured it was not nice of me to take my germs to the rest of the folks. Fed the dogs and took some Tylenol 3s for the sore throat and crashed on the couch. I made sure to text hubby and daughter so they knew I was sleeping and I put my phone on vibrate. The dogs were in heaven! Binde has a spot at my head, Brutus likes it behind the legs and Molly is in front. I finally had to get up. I slept from 7:30 to 12:30. Not gonna do much of anything but rest. I hate being sick.

Michelle said... said...

You are one busy woman, I was tired just reading what all you did.

Keep us posted on your son, I hope he gets the job.

The Park Wife

Sage said...

Oh my friend! That was one busy day! Good wishes to your son on the job.....hope it comes through for him.

I'm heading to bed as it's been a long day. I just needed to check up on a few friends before I do. I hope to have more information to post on the biopsy surgery tomorrow. But she did well.


Amy said...

I'll say some extra prayers for your son.

I apologize for not reading regularly - I have missed much! Hopefully this will be a better week, all around!