Friday, June 20, 2008

Look Who's BACK!!

He's Back!!!
And Grandma sure has missed him.
We had been out feeding the deer some corn and peanuts when he decided to pick walnuts from the tree.
Oh wait, then there are some bird feathers on the ground. Either there is a naked bird flying around somewhere or the dogs got a bird....yep, the dogs got a bird, found the rest of it later! Gross.

And if you can click on this picture to enlarge it, please tell me what kind of bird this is? A mixture between a cardinal and a blue bird??? It is a bright blue bird with a red/deep red underside. It is beautiful.This is the tree that lost all and I do mean all it's branches in the ice storm. Kind of interesting how it leafed out. Plus all the Canna's that are growing at the base of it.
Caleb has a bowl of corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds to feed the deer. We feed the squirrels in the morning and the deer in the evening. She has been coming in to eat twice a day. But today someone is having a party, loud music, and fireworks, so I doubt that she will come in to feed.

found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now, just now I found a peanut, found a peanut just now. (remember that song?)

Spilled the peanuts and corn on the table, not part of the song, but oh well, no big deal.
Throw the corn over the fence handful by handful. Makes it a lot more fun that way.

Oh heck with that, throw the rest of the bowl of food over the fence.

We met up with my niece and nephew for lunch and after eating, then playing at McDonald's we came back to the house to play in the creek.
She is always in a dress, a skirt or something girlie. But that does not stop her. She will be six the beginning of the month and he will be 7 at the end of the month.
They played in the little creek very nicely together. I was proud of them both.
Rudy and Caleb played in the creek together too.

They both played in the water and then....
Someone got her dress wet. Guess who that was...

And Callie loves giving kisses. To anyone she can corner. Watch out for that long, wide, cold, wet tongue. Oh yum, good kisses.


We are THAT Family said...

They are sooo cute! And seem to enjoy doggie kisses.

Debbie said...

Girl, I can't read when I'm laughing this hard!!!!! Where in the hell did you find this song? Oh lawdy, going to pee in my pants!

It's perfect for this wonderful post of such adorable little youngins!

I think your birds have been foolin around? Red/Blue bird?

Beautiful, but think it's one of a kind LOL...only in YOUR yard

Oh, and I've tagged you!! ((hugs))

Mental P Mama said...

Love summer days like this...and those children are adorable! I think that's a bluebird. As Thoreau so aptly said: "The bluebird carries the sky on his back."

Putz said...

it is just a very beautiful cardinal, i have some blueish cardinals on my back porch and get closse ups with my binoculars

Putz said...

did you know sqwirealls are evil

Putz said...

did you know sqwirealls are evil

Putz said...

did you know sqwirealls are evil

Sage said...

I loved the little tour around your property, too. What a great place for those grandkiddos to play! Next time I'm needing a break, I'm coming down to spend a day on your land!

I think your bird is a freshly painted blue bird! It sure is bright, isn't it? But I do think it's a bluebird. Lovely.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I've had a good day today myself.


Tonjia said...

such cute kids!! Love the pictures, keep them coming!

Amy said...

Great pictures. I love the one of the boy and the dog - its great! You have a lovely yard.