Sunday, June 1, 2008

Guess What Happened Today!

Well guess what happened today! It was a BEAUTIFUL day....for a little while. Then once again it was same song THIRD verse. Good grief. You know this is going to make the mosquitoes terrible this year. So West Niles will be bad and heart worms for the animals will be bad. Oh, I guess you have figured out that it rained again here today. We got almost two inches, it was about 1 3/4", but it came down hard and fast too. THEN on top of everything else we got hail, and I do mean hail. But we were the lucky ones, everyone around us had anywhere from marble to tennis ball size hail and it busted windows like crazy. We just had enough hail to make it look like snow, probably ruin our roof, and was loud and honestly kind of cool. But I like storms. I just don't like the damage it causes.

I know this is not that bad, I know lots of people have a lot more than this, or at least what this picture shows, but it was a pretty good storm. We had one wave come through that did the hail storm and then about 15 minutes later another big wave came through and dropped the rain on us. The tomatoes in the garden are just so water logged, they probably won't make it this year. At least the hail didn't wipe them out!!!! That's something to be thankful for!

It was still a good weekend. After the storm passed we went to town to meet my dad at Mazzio's Pizza for lunch. He was very hungry for pizza, it is his normal Sunday dinner (?) and my mom was not feeling well. So he left her and met us there. It was so nice. Then my mom's cousin came by and ate a bite with us and saw the baby. She just made over Allie (who wouldn't?) and it was so nice to visit with her. She was the maid of honor at my mom's wedding 50+ years ago, they have always been very close and I love her dearly. We are now planning a trip to Ft.Worth by train! So this has been a really nice weekend, the baby has been good, and we are truly blessed. Talk to you again soon.


Mental P Mama said...

That hail is unbelievable! Glad you are all safe and sound!

Sage said...

Another rain storm! You have just about had enough, haven't you! We are sitting here waiting for the rain to begin here again, too. The weather map on the five o'clock news shows a big green blob about a quarter an inch (on the screen!) from our location. And the forecast for the next week shows rain for every single day except one, and that day is cloudy. Enough is enough, uh?

Thanks for your comments on my wedding photos. We had such a nice time at the wedding. Katie is such a caring girl, wanting no big pomp and circumstance, but just wanting her friends there to enjoy her special day with her. I was so relaxed and I really enjoyed the evening. It was a welcome reprieve from the stress of the past months. And now we're back to reality. Mom is more confused than ever and she doesn't want to take her meds or eat. And so it goes.

Debbie in NC said...

Well good golly Miss Molly! Having not seen hail in a LONG time..OMG. I am just so thankful you are not tornado ravaged! Okay, I'm going to get out my camera and we'll have a creek battle LOL! You just ain't seen nothing yet!
Seriously, I'm sorry ya got a river running sucks.((Lisa))