Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nothing New

More of the Same
We have had a great day today. Nothing special really, just more time with the kids, and I love that. My mom called this morning and told me my niece and nephew were very sad for their puppy died yesterday. He had Parvo and died at the vet office. My brother's wife rescued three puppies from the middle of the road, then my other brother took one of the puppies home to his kids. Well come to find out the puppy was sick (as were the other two) and they died. My sister n law and her kids were devastated by the loss of this new addition to the family. They/we are all animal lovers and anytime we lose one it is very hard on us all. I even cried and never met the little guy. But knowing that it upset the kids so much bothers me too. So having said all that, we decided to meet at McDonald's for breakfast. Then my nephew told me he could stay the night and that was great news. We went to Wal-mart and bought some water toys and of course CANDY, and other junk. My niece and parents came to the house and we hung out here for the entire day. Caleb and the kids all play pretty good together. Plus my parents had fireworks so the kids could shoot them too. We are finally living in the country once again so we can do that. We also had to stop off at the fire work stand so Aunt Lisa could check out a few other things and found a few things we needed in addition to what we already had. Aunt Lisa is the fire work queen, a little/big pyromaniac and loves the 4Th of July almost as much as Christmas.
We had bought little swimming pool/slide/basketball thing for the kids to play with. I got ripped off, but they got wet and had fun. My mom got to watching the movie Polyanna and it is a long movie so I had to entertain the kids for quite a while. Dad and I decided we needed to go eat lunch at about 3:30!!! I needed to kill about an hour and half and felt confident I could do it. We ate and were back within an hour. Darn it. So we went back outside and shot more fireworks. By 5:00p.m. mom was ready to go home and was out the door. My niece went home too but Nephew gets to stay the night. So tonight he has had more candy, deer jerky, mountain dew and junk than he has had in years. He will never go to sleep tonight. Then he has to get up and be ready for church in the morning. I am then sending Caleb and Scott back to Caleb's momma in the morning as well. He has things to get done and I think I am going to buy more fireworks!!!! I love the 4th of July and must prepare. I am so glad I am retired and never have to grow up really.


Tonjia said...

It sounds like you guys had a really great day today! Family is everything.. enjoy all the time you have with them.

4th of July is just right around the corner isnt it? I have to work, but maybe we will get to sneak outside to watch some fireworks.

Mental P Mama said...

You know, I think your own zest for life is higher than all those kids'. You are a hoot! Have a great day...

Debbie said...

David has to work July 4th weekend but I do believe I'll be at the lake and you can bet I'll be thinking of the kid in OK that is playing with FIRE!!! LOL

You are a hoot! And a great Aunt!!