Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Big Give Away!

Update: I will leave the blog give away test open till Saturday at 11:00a.m. my time . That way you working people can do it Saturday if you want. But it must be to me by 11:00. You can email the answers if you want...email at bottom of test!
This gift is for you!

And it's not Christmas

OK, I have never done this before and I am not really sure how to do this gift deal. But just for fun, because if you know me at all, you know I love having fun, I am going to give you a test. See how many questions you can answer. Just for trying you will get one entry for the drawing. For getting the highest score on the test (that is just too funny! A TEST on a blog!!! who does something like this??? oh...me!) you will get an extra three entries, second highest gets an additional two entries and third highest will get one extra entry. I think I can keep this all straight. I will post the test on a separate blog, you leave your answers in the comment sections and on Friday night at midnight it will close. If all goes well I will announce the winner Sunday afternoon.
The 1st place winner will get to choose what gift they want and so forth. I actually think I have three gifts to give.
1. Flat Wallet (love my wallet! you will get to choose from assortment)
2. 1lbs of Oklahoma Pecans (cracked and shelled, ready for pies! Yum Yum)
3. Massage Oil Candle (Oh I LOVE this, the candle melts into the massaging oil!)
I know everyone else takes pictures of their gifts, I guess I am just too lazy today to do that. No, I am actually watching the elections and that should be enough said for now. But I have links to the items so you can go see them. OK? So tomorrow I will have my questions and either single word answers or multiply choice answers, so get plenty of sleep, eat some good brain food and I will see you soon!


Tonjia said...

oh goodie! goodie! goodie! I am ready to answer questions!

I can hardly wait....

Mental P Mama said...

Can you give us a hint? I want to study;)

Sage said...

Ready to go.....bring it on!

I win!