Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale
On Route 66
Catoosa, OK

Don't know if you know much about Route 66 but it is a big
deal around here. There are many events that feature the road traversing
our great state. (And of course the other states too). So yesterday when
Mom and I went to my nephews soccer game in Claremore
we passed the Great Blue Whale. I have heard of it,
and did not realize it was right here in my backyard.
So after taking mom to lunch and watching the soccer game
we headed back home. I asked her if we could stop so
I could take a few pictures. And she said YES!
As the whale tried to eat mom, her screaming scared
the poor whale and just like Jonah in the Bible
he spit her right back out on shore.
Whew, I sure am glad, would have had a hard time
explaining that one to my dad!
"Um dad, sorry I lost mom, you wife of 54 years, she
was eaten by a whale"....just doesn't sound too good does it?
So while we were there enjoying the WONDERFUL weather
my mom told me the story of the great blue whale.
And you won't believe it but it was her great uncle
that built it for his family. I could not believe it. You see, my mom's grandpa Brimmer's wife died. He remarried a woman who had many children,
mom think it was six or more. One was a girl named Zelta. ( I didn't make this up)
and she married a man Hugh Davis. He was in charge of the Tulsa Zoo for years and years. I don't know all the details, except in 1970 he decided to have this blue whale made for his family. The pond was used to swim and have great family/friends time together. It seems they were all crazy about animals and reptiles so this was very fitting into their lives. The whale is visible from the road and I am sure gets many looks and many visitors each and every year. There was a building that might be a gift shop, but it was not open while we were there.
So if you are ever traveling Route 66 and go by the blue whale...remember me, and my family, and then you will need to give me a call. For you will be only about 30 minutes from my home...and I can always fix a pot of coffee, or diet coke. Or take you out to eat, Route66 has a lot to offer.

Read more if you want, I will add a couple links to articles:
I like the second article better if you ever have time to read them.
so just think....everybody has a story.
My great great uncle made a great blue whale!


claudia said...

That is so cool! I love family history, and finding out that a really neat roadside attraction has some family ties is the best! great pictures and post!

Reddirt Woman said...

I moved to Catoosa in 1988 and lived there for the next six years. At the time, the Blue Whale was closed and had not been refurbished, but it was such a curiousity to everyone that came through town. It was locked up, so you couldn't get in to see it or take photos. The Arrowhead Trading Post was open and in business while I lived in Catoosa and I loved to go and browse and spend a little money every now and then. I hated seeing that place closed.

Thanks, Lisa, for the stroll down memory lane.


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That is so neat! So glad you took time to share it with us. It's fun to find the things that are right nearby and you never realized it.

Don't worry about stopping and leaving comments - you are busy! Praying that you are doing well.

Mental P Mama said...

What a fantastic story. I love that whale!

Tonjia said...

you were almost in my mom and dads neck of the woods. If you went the other way through Owasso to Collinsville and then turned at the light in Oologah to go to Claremore you would have been about 10 mi from my parents house!

We should get together if you have the time, I know we will be in Tulsa one day because I cannot keep my kid out of woodland hills mall! LOLOL