Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh I So Warned YOU!!

Ok, if you are not a BIG fan of my grandkids, you really need to to just skip my posting today, because the next...uuummmmm 40 pictures are of my precious grandchildren. Chris and Sarah are in Dallas this weekend for a Navy Awards Banquet and I have the privilege of having the kids including Chloe!
Everyone is doing great and I was so blessed to get to take a ton of pictures.
I took some yesterday and again today, but getting time to put them on the Internet is another story let me tell you.
(Linda, click on the picture to make it larger and then use your back arrow to return to the blog ok? Thought you might like to enlarge the picture!)
These first few pictures are of the kids with their Christmas clothes.
I got a huge kick out of Caleb's clothes for his momma sent them over from last
year. He put his pants on and they were about 4" too short. We told
him to go put his jeans back on!!! And then laughed!

I got so much attitude and expression....I had a lot of fun!

But to get a dozen good shots, I had to take 90 pictures!
Well close to it anyways!

I HAD to include this one.....

And I thought this might make a cute Christmas card for Sarah!

Let me tell you, I EARNED every picture today!!!
They did not just give them away.

She hardly stood still for even one shot,
it was like, "hurry grandma, I got places to go
and people to see".

Caleb was my little trooper. He did all of this for????
A Scooby Snack!!! Can you believe that??

And here she was falling off the stool...
It's ok momma, grandpa caught her, whew!

This was her sort of Halloween costume. She was a kitty cat
but grandma changed it up some and just did a cute kid!

I can't help it, I just think she is too stinking cute!

This is a little red and black tutu and then she
had cat ears I think Sarah said. But we just put a bow
on her head and white tights....and called it good!
Even in Black and White!

Brother and sister, Caleb helped to hold her down for a couple seconds this time.

Just another one.
and more

And more


And now another change of clothes!

Black and white again!

Doesn't she look THRILLED!?

The hula girl, thanks to her "Aunt" Jenny's trip to Hawaii.
Look, I can touch my toes!
and I can smile.

These on the white background are not very good.
I am still learning and trying so with time I will get better.
But the kids were sure good to me and for me.
Sarah, thank you for going out of town this weekend
I so enjoy these kids.
Next time I want to take pictures of the whole family!
Can you say "CHEESE!?"


Homesteader in Training said...

I can't even pick one as my favorite because they are all spectacular! I do love the grass skirt lol. The Christmas pictures came out adorable and yes I agree on the one for the Christmas card. Um can you fly out and take ours on the beach? We'll get you into Disney free for payment lol.
Hugs my friend. Great job!

claudia said...

These are some fantastic photos! Your grandkids sure are cute and great little troopers. Give 'em an extra hug for me please?

Tonjia said...

Caleb is such a trooper! Grandma you got some awesome shots of both of them. I cant pick either.

If I had to pick I love the one of Caleb sitting with his knee bent, he looks so grown up in that one, and the hula girl is just too cute.

We leave for OK tomorrow I am going to email you my cell phone number I hope we can get together!

Marge said...

Grandma! You got those kiddos to sit still and change clothes????? Wow! You must have the magic touch. Little ones seldom sit still for one picture, let alone 90! But they are very good pictures, Lisa. Love the one you picked for a Christmas card. Are they going to use it? You've done a good should be proud of yourself! I'm proud of you!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh. My. God. Too cute for words. I think Caleb should get a present for all that posing;)

Daily Muse said...

Lisa you are doing great! I love your pics! Homesteader, if Lisa comes to the Beach, her cousin comes with her to carry her camera bags! Her cousin LOVEs THE WHITE SANDY BEACHES! Mental P Mama, Caleb probably got a couple of Webkinz for his shots. WAIT! Those Webkinz may have been for the photographer, hmmmm?!

Just Joni said...

the black and whites are my favorite, but that little hula skirt is adorable too!

good job!

Debbie said...

I know. They are also wonderful, you can't just pick a few. I know you're proud Grandma! These are beautiful and you're doing such a great job!!

I love them all and now want a grandchild to go with the goat!!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

These are all so adorable! Great job on the pics!

Amy said...

wow! these are wonderful!