Saturday, November 8, 2008

Answers to the Test

My Anniversary Test

1. What is my shoe size? 7
2. What is my blood type? A+
3. What is my mothers mothers maiden name?
Ok, Ok, I am just kidding, did I scare you???
Here are a few questions about my blog and ME!

So, lets see how you did....are you ready for the answers?

1. What is my job? I am retired you know!!! (my favorite saying!)

2. Name one of my top three greatest loves. Photography, my dogs, my computer sad isn't it?
(not including family...that is too easy)
3. Have I ever won anything in a blog contest? yes, tea towels Memaw Bakes Memories on April 1, 2008...first time to win anything ever!

4. Name one of my four legged kids. They were on my side bar, Zoe, Callie and Rudy!

5. How many two legged kids do Scott and I have? Someone said none and I guess depending on how you read it that is correct...Scott and I together do not have children, but what I meant was we have three, I have two and he has one!
6. What do I blog about most? my grandkids, and my photography and then life?

7. Can you name one other place I have lived? Sand Springs, and Enid and here

8. Do I ever link up to another blog on a regular basis, what is it about? Yes, Friday Funnies with Kim at Homesteaders Heart!
9. Whose blog do I read that is the furthest away from me?I don't know the answer to this one either...I thought it would catch my two in California and Debbie in North Carolina. I figure either of those are pretty darn far!
10. Whose blog writer and I share our name? Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolate!
11. Do I play music on my blog? Do you listen to it ? yes and yes I do listen, I love it.

Besides Yes/No answers can you name the person or blog?

12. Do I read a blog whose writer loves to travel? Marge at Road Sage
13. Do I read a blog whose writer is going to college and feeds the homeless? One of my biggest inspirations ....Joni at Morning Coffee she is collecting blankets and coats for all her homeless friends besides feeding them!!! This is her personal battle, endevor or what ever you want to call it!!!
14. Do I read a blog whose writer just changed positions in her job? My nurse friend Tonjia!! she just got through working nights and went to the life of NORMAL people, the day shift. Yeah for her.
15. Do I read a blog whose writer has an obsession with shoes and feet? Mental P Mamma she loves feet, and SHOES....???? there is help for people like her I am sure.
16. Do I read a blog whose writer lives in sunny Florida and is very organized? This is Kim at Homesteaders Heart...she is way too organized.
17. Do I read a blog whose writer talks about goats? This can go to two people..Debbie wants and needs a goat, and then Chikens in the Road has three goats and writes about milking one.
18. Do I read a blog whose writer has dogs and served this country? Michelle who also is in Florida, so she might also fit into #16!! I don't know how organized she is.
19. Do I read a blog whose writer has young children? This one was to fit several people, We are THAT family, This Place Looks Familiar, Lisa has a young one and Kim has three, but don't forget The Parks Wife, she has two buckaroos!!
20. Do I read a blog whose writer works at a college and is an extreme seamstress? The lady can sew like none other. I am so impressed with her skills and she works too, this is Memaw Bakes Memories.
I hope everyone had fun doing this, what I would like is for everyone that entered to leave me a comment in this posting as to what they would want if they were to win. The three gifts I have are the flat wallet, the pecans and the massaging oil candle with a snowman candle topper. I will announce the winners tomorrow after I grade all the test. Plus I STILL do not feel good. My throat is so sore and I can not get it to stop hurting or itching or whatever. And I have the dry hacking cough. Good grief. So needless to say I am not getting much sleep at all. is DRUGS, all about the drugs. I stocked up at Wal-mart and something better work!
Also, if you are interested in reading any of these other bloggers you will find them on my side bar. Of course you already know that, but I have come to think of them as family and check on them every day.


Sage said...

Oh, ya, you know I want that flat wallet!

Hope you feel better soon. Get some sleep and take your drugs.

Just Joni said...

I missed out on all of the fun...stupid term paper has zapped my life and I don't have time to blog! It was fun reading through the answers though...I would have gotten only about half of them correct...*sigh

Hope you feel better soon, drink OJ and get lots of rest!

Tonjia said...

FLAT WALLET!!! I dont even know what it is and I want it! LOLOL

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I am so glad you gave us all the answers - I would have been wondering! I would love the pecans and your recipe for pie.

I hope you are feeling better quickly - rest, rest, rest!

Homesteader in Training said...

Hey I did pretty good with the answers. At least I think I did lol. I would like the Snowman Massaging Oil if I win. I love anything Snowmanish.
As for your soar throat I have a cure but you might not like it. Go to my blog and look up Garlic Tea under recipes from the kitchen. Do that at least twice a day until you feel better which shouldn't take long. We never have to do the drugs in this house lol.
Hugs my friend.From a distance of course.

Debbie said...

Okay, I guess we all want the FLAT WALLET! LOL

I hate you're not feeling quite up to par. Turning the heat on in the house does all that to my head. Plus the weather fluctuating hot and cold.

You take good care of yourself and if you don't feel well enough, don't announce the winners until you FEEL like it ((Hugs))

Mental P Mama said...

Oh poo! I forgot to enter. Congrats to the winner! This was hard, and what do you men when you say there is help for me? tee hee