Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homework due tomorrow!

This is my homework assignment due tomorrow. It is suppose to be like a newpaper article. Not sure I accomplished that. And it really is hard to put the photos where I want in a blog. Well shoot, it was hard for me to do it on the computer, who am I kidding. And I can't copy or even attach this article to send to my brother and his wife. So I thought I would try to put it on the blog so they could read it. So guess get to read it too. I know you already have seen these, but I don't think they have, and I know my teacher hasn't. I think I really was suppose to take the pictures this weekend...but I was busy! I was taking pictures of my kids! Hope this will fly!

Our American Hero

By Lisa Jobes, November 17, 2008

Twenty four years ago on March 4, 1985 a baby boy was born into this world bringing much joy and happiness to his parents. The typical youth events were in his life, such as losing his first tooth, his first puppy, going to his first dance and graduating from high school. Yes, life was normal for this boy who had brown hair and blue eyes. Just a simple boy of a simple life, born into a simple family.

Like all parents, as the boy grew they planned on him going through school, graduating from both high school and college. They planned on him moving out of the house and into his own place. Whether it be an apartment or starter home. It didn’t matter if it was to be done as a single man or as a newly married, it was just the plan that he would grow up and move on through life. But never did his parents anticipate that our great nation would have turmoil that would soon affect their lives. Never did they plan that their son would soon not only move out of the house, move out of the state, that he would move out of the country.

It was a little over one year ago those same parents said good bye to their only son. They watched him board the bus that would take him away, far far away. It would take him to a location where he would eventually get on a plane along with hundreds of other sons and daughters, husbands, mothers, brothers sisters, all being someone’s loved one.

So for over a year, every night a prayer was placed to our God above for the safety of one boy, now a man. No it was said for many, not just one. But it was asked that God would please just bring him home…..alive. That’s a mothers prayer.


claudia said...

Very, very I am crying. I don't know that I could handle a situation like this. My girls are all around me. My YD is away until Thursday, she's been gone since June, but in this country, in this county! And I have had a really hard time of it! What strong parents his parents are. And all the others whose kids, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons who have gone off to fight in the name of our country.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Great job! That was very touching.

Tonjia said...

I LOVE it!! My prayers go out to your brother and SIL and your nephew.

Please thank him for his service for me. May god bless him and all of our soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Lisa this is wonderful. I love it and your right I did cry through it. Thanks for sharing this with others. Love you, Kim

Caution Flag said...

I think it conveys just enough emotion. What class are you taking?

Michelle said...

Great job! And I love the pictures from the previous posts. I don't no color burst from nothing but I do know that I like them.

Just Joni said...

just one of many prayers we pray for our children...but when they serve our country it's kind of like they belong to all of us...good job on the little story...very touching.

What class is this for?


Amy said...

This just made me sad, because I know one day I will probablby feel the same way. Your wrote that with so much feeling.

I hope you are doing well. I have been enjoying your pictures and congrats on you photography blog. How are things going? You seem to be learning a lot. I could surely learn things in the creative lighting department. Any ideas?