Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He Will Pay

Forgotten Anniversary!
Lucky 13. 13 has always been my lucky number. My daughter was born on not only the 13th, but Friday the 13th. I knew that day 13 was my lucky number. But it does not seem to be the case today. No, today is not the 13th, in fact it is the 11th, 11-11. I like that number too. Veterans day, a very special day for all. But this day is a very important day in my life. It was 13 years ago today that we were married in an old Dairy barn (believe me when I say it showed NO SIGNS of being a dairy barn other than shape!) by a retired OHP Trooper who married a police officer to a fireman. It was a cold day too. It snowed that morning, making me think the wedding would not be attended by very many people. It doesn't usually snow that early in Oklahoma but that day it did. And it was on a Saturday. Football day, OU vs OSU. Oh my gosh. I was getting married on bedlam day. What in the world were we thinking???? I was an avid OSU fan. I always go for th underdogs and OSU when playing OU was usually the underdogs...big time. This day was a special day. It was my second marriage. Never believing my first marriage would end in divorce but it did. After being single for a little over 2 years I was introduced to my husband by a mutual friend. Every body that meets Scott will tell you that he is the nicest guy. He is very thoughtful of others, he has a huge heart, and very good intentions. and today.... HE IS IN THE DOG HOUSE. He forgot our anniversary. Yes, he flat forgot it. I expect the kids to forget, his daughter didn't forget, she called to tell him happy anniversary and he was like "uh oh". He forgot. He flat forgot. Of course my son and his wife didn't remember. I love cards, I love remembering special days, that is my love language. Not every one has the same....I think that is fair to say. So not only did my son and his wife forget, so did my husband. My daughter remembered while she was talking to me or she would have probably forgotten too. But she is good to call me nearly every day. And Scott's daughter said she will call him next year the night before to remind him. I think that is funny. Maybe she should call him the week before so he can plan something. So....what should the punishment be for forgetting our anniversary? Oh he will pay, believe me, he will pay.
Oh by the way, 13 years ago, OSU beat OU. Now I have switched to an OU fan ( I love Bob Stoops) and bedlam is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.....I wonder who will win this year?


Debbie said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry. Is he still alive? Has the retired cop just gone out and shot him? Surely you know some torture techniques?

No excuses. He can't say work was too busy. Nothing. Don't let him off the hook. I know your feelings are hurt. Damn men.

Well...Happy Anniversary! ((Hugs))
I know this doesn't help, but us women out here understand :(

Anonymous said...

I will mark my calender a month and a week in advance to remind him! As far a punishment I hear if you use a phonebook it doesn't leave bruises?? Is that true?? Let me know for future reference. I hope OU wins since the game is here and Chris is going, wait they always lose when he watches on tv so don't bet on OU!!! Happy Anniversary!! Sarah

Homesteader in Training said...

One thing I've learned is you gotta give them grace lol. Their minds just don't think like ours. I'm sure it is of no reflection of how much he loves you. He just flat forgot lol.
Pay him with lots of love and kisses.
Now if this ever happened to me my response might be different but I had to try and be a bit mature about it lol.
Hugs to you today and Happy Anniversary!

Mental P Mama said...

Ha! My husband forgot ours, too this year. He was MORTIFIED. I got a kick out of it. Happy Anniversary to you!

Just Joni said...

Happy Anniversary! Men sometimes just don't think and I bet he felt bad, especially if he knows your love language...mine happens to be "acts of service"...wash the dishes for me and I'll turn cartwheels for you...maybe as punishment he should treat you to a nice dinner TWICE! I'm sure he'll make it up to you.
Men, gotta love 'em! (they make us feel so much better about ourselves...ha!)

Sage said...

Let's see. Gold and sparkley is always a good punishment for men and a great win situation for women. But let me tell you....... been there, had that done to me. He forgets just about everything, except when he thinks it's time for dinner! Can't really blame them. They are wired differently than us women!

Seriously, happy anniversary! Hope he'll ask forgiveness and come across with something special.

I'll email you later. Change of plans here............

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Happy Anniversary! Men really aren't as good at remembering those hings, but it doesn't mean they don't love us!

I have actually found a solution to that problem! I remind my husband about our anniversary, my birthday, mother's day, etc. a week or more in advance. That way, I am never disappointed and he doesn't have to waste time feeling bad and being hard on himself.

Tonjia said...

Happy Anniversary! that man owes you big time! LOLOL

maybe an expensive new goodie for your camera? or jewelry?

If I had stayed married to my ex the asshole, today (the 12th) would have been my 31st anniversary. eeek.

Eckmama said...

Oh no. I'm sorry! 13 is my magic number too--I'd be especially upset if Jarred forgot our 13th.

My parents got married on my dad's birthday, so you'd think that would make it extra easy for him to remember. You'd think. ;) I remember when we lived in Hawaii he forgot one year, and boy oh boy was mom mad. And I'm sure hurt and disappointed, but as a teenager what came across to me was the mad. I also remember he went to the store and came back with a GIANT balloon, and it popped before he could get it out of the truck, which is funny now but definitely was not funny that day. I don't know why it's such a struggle for them to keep TWO DATES in their heads, but it is. (You know, the important dates--our anniversary and MY birthday! He can forget his, but he'd better not forget mine!)

Not exactly what you needed on top of everything else, huh? :( I'm sorry. I hope he finds a way to make it up to you. I loved the story of your wedding day!

bernthis said...

Congrats. I passed my drivers test on the second try on November 13th one billion years ago. LOL

Michelle said...

How many bruises does he have on his body?

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Happy Aniversary!!!!

Hope to be back to normal blogging next week sometime. I am hoping that Shay ships my laptop back to me by then.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Happy Anniversary. Don't be too hard on him.

Memaw's memories said...

Be nice and forgive him. After all, he's just a man. And the waiting for something to happen will be misery for him.

And maybe he's just making you think he forgot.

Maybe there's a surprise in store.

And Happy Anniversary anyway.

And think how bad you'll feel if he was just pretending to forget.