Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yes It is Spring

Yes, it is Spring!
The little creek in the front yard, I love it when water flows gently through it.
Makes for a pretty sight
More rain water flowing
Can you see how high the backyard is compared to the front. Makes for a lot of rain run off.
Here's the Story!
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. Or rather rain rain go away,come again another day. Boy did we get the rain last night. ALL night. I can remember when my kids were younger and it does not seem they were scared of storms. In fact we have all always enjoyed storms to some extent. But now they are grown and my "other" kids DO NOT like storms. This just happened this year. We were living in a travel trailer for one month from the time we sold our house till we could move into the other one, the dogs and I lived in my parents "yard" . My husband was still working in Enid as a Fire Fighter. We had a storm come through and it thundered so loud that ever since then my dogs have been scared of storms. So last night I had a little visitor lightly scratching at my door. It is so cute, it is like she hates to disturb me, but mom, if you are awake will you please let me in. I wake up and I go to her and we go to the door to see if maybe she wants to go outside. Nope! It is starting to rain. So I put her back to her bed and I got back to my bed. A little later I hear her again, and this time I grab my cell phone (why?, I don't know!) But while I am checking to see if she wants to go out now, the phone rings and the weather alert comes on. We have a severe thunderstorm in our area be prepared blah blah blah. I figure I might as well stay up with the dogs for if it is going to get bad I won't get any sleep anyways. So we all go to the sofa and Rudy jumps up and claims one end, Zoe goes to the love seat and claims it, I claim the other end and middle of the sofa and poor Callie is just left on the floor. She is the one that hates storms. I feel bad so I tell them lets just all go to the bed. I have a queen size bed in the spare room for the dogs. I have a cover on it so I can keep it washed. So we all go in there I move the cover so I can actually have the bed covers and we all go to sleep. The phone rings again. Good grief. Yes, I am aware we are in the middle of a thunderstorm warning. I like this new service, but it may be a little too much. For some reason I get back up and go turn the tv on. This time I take the recliner leaving the sofas for the dogs. It starts hailing, like crazy. I go check that out and man did we get a lot of hail. It has covered the ground and we even have hail drifts. That's cool I guess. I go back to sleep for a little bit, the phone rings again, we are having another storm come through. Good grief, good grief. I finally get back to sleep about 5:00 and then a little after five the electricity goes off. Ok, I am going back to bed. So we all get up go back to bed and sleep there till the trash man comes and wakes me up at about 7:30ish. I doze back off and on for the next hour, hour and a half, then Rudy gets up and he wants to go outside. How do I know. He stands beside the bed and puts his paw on it and kind of shakes the bed till I wake up. He is standing there looking at me saying ok, it's time to get up. I get up. I might as well just get up. I hear the shower going, so my husband is up, I might as well get up. We go out and I walk around the yard unplugging the drain from the leaves, swoosh the water goes gushing like the toilet has been flushed. That was kind of cool. I go to the back yard to check the rain gauge, 3 1/2 inches of rain last night. It is nice to get rain in the spring and before long we will be wishing it would rain again. So I will take it while I can, be thankful for it, and be ready to do without it.
Hope you are all safe where ever you might be. We had tornado alerts all over last night but not for us in this home thank goodness. But I know when we get bad weather it means others will get it soon afterwards. So today know I am thinking of you where ever you are, hope you are safe and sound, and have a great spring day.


Jessica said...

You know we have had predictions of storms the last 2 evenings but only sprinkles this morning. My Lil' Bum is scared of thunder if she is awake. If it starts after the kids are asleep I think the rain on the tin roof of our porch and carport lulls them further to sleep. As far as my fur kids, Penny could care less but if it gets really bad Micah will try to tear the door down to get inside.

Things are finally starting to turn green. Hooray and although I hate rain at times I would rather have it than a drought like we had before.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all your kind words. Your awesome.

Daily Muse said...

Rainy Day Fun!
1. Play a Board Game - When was the last time you played a good game of chess or checkers. There are so many options for this one you could probably fill every rainy day (Monopoly, Operation, Scrabble there’s too many to list)
2. Play Computer Games- well if you ever put the controller down in the first place.
3. Read a Good Book - a pastime that never gets old. Lose yourself in a book by your favorite author and it will be sunny before you know it.
4. Exercise - you can never get enough exercise in (at least I can’t, LOL!). Take this opportunity to do some extra calisthenics, crunches or pushups.
5. Practice a new instrument - dust off your old instrument from your closet or wherever you keep it and see what you remember. If your just learning, try to master a recorder, pretty cheap at Walmart (I personally chose my saxaphone that I played in the 6th/7th grade).
6. Bake some Cookies - Nothing smells better than a house filled with the smell of baking cookies. I wouldn't know, but that is what THEY tell me. Plus they’re fun to eat when they’re finished. If you can manage to not eat the dough, like me.
7. Surf the Web - If you’re already reading this list, I’m sure you have no problem remembering to surf the web, but this is an extensive list.
8. Eat Some Ice Cream - nothing makes you feel better when you’re down than ice cream. So if the rain is getting to you, give this a try.
9. Take a Nap - I don’t know about you, but sleeping is one of my personal favorites. Rainstorms are perfect opportunities to catch a few extra, well deserved z’s.
10. Call a Friend - catching up with old friends can be hard to find time for sometimes. Take advantage being grounded indoors and make the call.
11. Watch a Good Movie - renting a new movie or watching Caddyshack for the thousandth time, this is definitely a good way to pass the time.
12. Create a Scrapbook - All those new pics you have been taking, just lying around the house...take them and organize them into a scrapbook or photo album. You’ll be able to show your friends next time they come over.
Get ride of those clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn in years. It’s also an excuse to go shopping for new clothes. Kohl's here we come! Now that, we will save for a sunny day!

Debbie in NC said...

Wow..hail drifts? I'm so jealous of your wonderful run off!! BWHAAAA why couldn't that be my yard! I AM the run off holding area.

Yes, Spring...going to be warmer here today and I'm so anxious for it, even knowing it will be short and then HOT.

Ahhh another great excuse to be outside and not in attic or garage. If I wait LONG enough, it will be too hot to go up there (wink wink)

Eckmama said...

I am drooling over your CREEK!!!! Ohhhh the pictures...the pictures...they're creating themselves in my mind by the dozens!
Okay, Lisa, I challenge you to get closer. And I mean CLOSER. Lay on your belly, turn on your macro, and see what you can see. Up close.

Shirley said...

I love the creek. Does it dry up in the summer? If not, what a wonderful place to stick your toes.

We will get more storms here on Thursday. I'm getting tired of all this rain. When I got up this morning, the first thing I noticed was my yard had no standing water on it. But tomorrow may be a different story.

We are THAT Family said...

First off, your 'yard' is totally beautiful and big. I can almost here the water.

And, I must totally agree with you on the rain-go away!