Friday, April 4, 2008

On The Road Again

Head Em' Up, Move Em' Out

I am getting ready to circle the wagons and rest for the weekend. I am going to Dallas to do a photo shoot that I am really excited about. We are riding the train to from OKC to Dallas, never done that before. We will spend the day shooting at the stockyards some longhorns, and cowboys. Two of my favorite things!!! Then we will be getting back very late. I am going to impose on my daughter and stay Friday and Saturday night with her. I am hoping she will take me to meet the train and then remember to pick me back up. I don't want to leave my car parked there so she can drive it around for the day if she wants. Brave soul aren't I? I will probably not be posting over the weekend. With that in mind I thought I would share some pictures that I have been taking over the weeks and share them with you.
We have had a lot of rain, but even so the birds still come in to eat the suet. I have created little monsters that now the birds and squirrels are waiting on me to feed them. But I so enjoy sitting or standing at the back door and watching them. The squirrels have been at my back patio at 8:30 for three mornings this week. Cute now, but when they start chewing my stuff up I will not be a happy camper. And I thought feeding them on the other side of the fence would help keep them away. Nope, made them friendlier and they come in closer. Dog gone it!!!
These are two of my new additions. I got a feeder that will help keep the squirrels from getting into. It is the one on the right. It a squirrel sits on it the feeder openings will close. Pretty cool. And the feeder on the left is a Finch feeder. I really have enjoyed the Finch feeder. They are such beautiful birds and I enjoy them so much. Do you see my yellow Finches? And by the way, I saw the bluebird of happiness fly past my house today. I was a little disappointed he didn't stop and stay awhile. Really, I did see a bluebird and he was gorgeous. (just like my daughter!)
Of course the Cardinals are great too. They are getting brighter and more colorful. Scott tells me it is getting close to mating season so they will darken up in color to attract the girls. You know, guys never show their "true" colors, but put on their best when they want a little something from us girls. Go Figure!
This tree I might have told you about before. During the ice storm this half of the tree completely separated and fell onto the patio. No major damage except to the tree. I just can not bare to cut it down. Do you think we will have to? Do you think disease will infest the tree and we would be better off cutting it down now? As you can tell we do have a lot of trees, but this one is by the house/patio and offers a lot of shade in the summer.
This picture is from last night during our class. I do like the clouds going in front of the sun and the shades it projects. I wish I could actually catch the true colors. I am not that good yet, but you just wait, I will take a few more classes, learn how to use Photo shop and bam! I will be right there among the....hopeful??
Another cloud shot. It did rain later and this is part of the storms that hit Arkansas. Sorry to send them your way guys. But this is spring huh?! Be careful out there. Lighting kills more than the tornadoes do.
A mural at the soccer field. They didn't say I couldn't post their picture so there! Ha, I got them!
We went to the park and the flag was blowing very hard in the wind. As you can tell the sky was dark, it had started to sprinkle but I love our flag and wanted this shot.
This is our instructor getting the names and address of the family who allowed us to take pictures of their girls. There were three girls, ages like 4, 6 and 14. Something like that. They were all in pink shirts and just blended very nicely together. We had fun taking their pictures.


Daily Muse said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! The song was a really nice added touch! Have a great time tomorrow! Wish I was with you!!

Shirley said...

I am so jealous of your trip. I hope you have a great time.

Debbie in NC said...

Girl, you are getting good! What kind of class are you taking? Photography? If true, that's something I need to do! Seriously!

I am also jealous of your trip. The only train I've ever road is Tweetsie in the mtns of NC as a kid. Trip sounds fabulous and I can't wait to see pictures.

You are the 2nd person to mention Finch feeder to me. I'll just have to get one. They fly all around here. I also have a "bluebird" that nests in an old birdhouse I found on the side of the road. Will try to get pic.

Have a great weekend!!