Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Beth

Happy Birthday Beth

The party is ready just waiting on the guest of honor.

She loves a cookie cake and has requested one every year that I can remember.

She also wanted strawberries, but it is a little early.

Besides, that is what I like for MY birthday and it is just next month in May.

This is the first year in a long time we have all been together for her birthday. Since we have lived nearly 2 hours away the family did not get together. you would think it was the ends of the earth or something. But now that we live in the same area Beth (who does still live away) drove home to celebrate HER birthday.
But she is still at that age that the cell phone is always in hand. She was getting Birthday texts from her friends she said so she could not ignore it!!!

Grandpa and her visiting, she still with her cell phone in hand.
But when it was cookie time, she was all about that!
And Tori was ready to help.

Ok, lets blow ALL the candles out, Tori, you better help!

Now that all 24 candles are out, lets cut the cookie and I want this flower please.

Not the cookies, just the flower icing. Aunt Kim will eat the cookies for me she said so.

Now what piece do you want? These were two little friends that Trent and Tori brought along to help Beth celebrate her birthday. Can never have to much help in that department can you?

I could not believe how much patience Beth had with the kids. She usually doesn't like to be bothered by them. Do you think that means she might be growing up too? It does my heart good to see it!

Alright, what does every girl need for her birthday? Toilet paper, the good kind. And she was thrilled. Tori couldn't quiet see the excitement in that gift and Beth tired to explain it to her. She will understand one day!!!

This gift was the big surprise. Here is the story. When we lived in Enid on Mayberry (yes that was our street) Beth had decorated her room in many bright colors. It was HER room after all. Well I started an afghan to match it. I promised her I would have it completed by the time she graduated high school. It didn't happen. That was 2002. So I thought I would have it done by the time she graduated college. Thank goodness she didn't get in a hurry to do that! So I had a friend of mine at the police department see if she could put some type of a finishing edge around it. You see, I don't know what I am doing and did it all in just a double stitch. JoAnn undid the whole thing and redid it. She sent it to me here in my new home just a couple weeks ago. It had been over a year ago with JoAnn retiring and me too. Plus I moved away etc. But one day UPS delivered this package and I was soooooo surprised when I opened it and found it. It is beautiful and I love it. Beth laughed so hard. Then she found the little note JoAnn had left in the box for me saying sorry it took her so long etc and Beth looked at me and said, You had it finished? You didn't even do it yourself? She laughed so hard at me! Well it was the thought that should have counted!!! But she snuggled right up with it and loved it. No, it does not match anything she has now, but it is WARM AND BEAUTIFUL!

Tori gave Beth some stationary for her birthday. Beth loves to write notes and is the best about sending out thank you notes. I should have bought her some stamps! It was a great birthday. Plus Beth is going to Vegas with her other cousins in May so we helped with that ticket too. Will is in Iraq and gets to come home for 10 days leave so Beth and him are meeting his sister Meghan and her husband Chad ( A Marine, already done one tour) in Vegas for a weekend together. That will be a great birthday present to spend time with her cousins. Too bad her own brother can't be there.

So all in all, it was a great day. We had grilled hamburgers, with the trimmings, good food, good company, and good fun. And in case you didn't notice, Beth's gifts were wrapped in Christmas paper!!!! That is what you do when you forget birthday paper! She just laughed at her crazy momma! I love you Beth, Happy Birthday ....... I really do love you!


We are THAT Family said...

You are such a sweet Mom! Her cake was so pretty too. Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

Btw-thanks for always visiting me. Your comments make me feel so good-like I'm on the right track.

Debbie in NC said...

Okay, was worth the wait LOL

Oh what a wonderful celebration and captured perfectly, girl!

Beth looks like a sweetie, happy and very lucky to have you as a Mom! And no...I don't get the TP as a gift LOL!

Afghan I can relate to. Or well the not getting it done part. I never finished cross-stitching David's baby quilt or completed his Baby Book. One day.... :)

The pictures were fun to see and ya did a great job!! Please give Beth belated birthday wishes from NC!

Memaw's memories said...

What a nice time you all had. Nothing like good food and family and all the love that says.

Happy Birthday Beth.

Daily Muse said...

The afghan was an awesome birthday present for Beth! It is birthday's just like this one that Beth will tell her children about!

Eckmama said...

Where ARE you? Busy thinking of a new Officer Lisa story for me? ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! Looks like it was a really good one!