Friday, April 11, 2008

I'll Be Back

Just to let you know that I am still alive and well. Between the rains, teaching (subbing), my photography class, and having an extreme backache I have not posted. Ok, they are excuses, but it is still the truth. We have had two days of extreme storms with lots of lightning, then I have substituted in the 2nd grade at the same school I went to over 35 years ago. And I am dealing with an issue with my back and hip which happens every once in a while with me. I had to take a bit of medicine the other night and it just knocks me out. So after I go to school again today, I have a very busy weekend planned with soccer games, and my daughters 24th birthday, then next week I will have my six month old grand baby for the week, it is going to be crazy around here. Ok, for all of you that can do it all, I AM RETIRED, I am not used to all this work. And it has even taken away from my Webkinz time, now that is serious!
So please do not give up, I will be back soon hopefully with some cute pictures.

And by the way we have gotten six inches of rain according to my backyard rain gage!!!!
Can you say soggy? And doggy prints everywhere in my house!!!

And Debbie, I have yet to get one box cleaned out of that garage!!!!


Debbie in NC said...

Shucks, don't matter...haven't been in attic either! LOL

But, I plan on going in garage later today. If I don't need it to survive lol, it's going to the dump!!

Family and being a Grandma is MUCH more important than any box and I so envy whatcha got going on there girl! Have fun and enjoy and to heck with the box!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll throw one away for you so you will feel a little accomplished. I'll mark it Lisa's box :)

We are THAT Family said...

You are one busy lady! Retirement sounds VERY hard!

Shirley said...

I'm not retired, but I seem to have a lot of extra jobs too.

We got those storms after you were finished with them. Once again, my yard is flooded.

You'll get those boxes emptied in your own sweet time.