Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our American Solider

God Bless America !!!
Our American Hero and Family
Will, his mother Kim and dad Mike (Mike is my brother)

Our Solider

At the airport waiting for him to arrive home.

A mothers love
Pride, Joy and Tears.
He is home safe....for now.

My younger brother Rob, and my mom and nephew Trent
all waiting for the luggage with Will.

A nice picture of him in full uniform
The welcome home party. Some of Kim's kids and parents came to welcome Will home.We just got word this morning he was in Dallas and would be home in a couple hours.Kim had been waiting since Wednesday for word as to when he would be home. Don't you know that was a LONG four days for her?Plus she got hurt at school Friday with a severe sprained ankle.

My dad played chauffeur for Will and Kim. After getting him from the airport we wanted to take him to lunch. More for us than him probably for he had been on a plane for 16 hours from Germany. But he wanted to go and said he wanted to go to Mazzio's Pizza (?) Maybe because it is my dad's favorite place.

We sat around eating lunch and just talking,talking, talking. Bless his heart, he was so tired but just took it all in stride. The sad part is my brother (his dad) could not be there. He was at work a couple hours away on a job that he just could not get out of. Since we had no idea when Will would be coming home Mike could not make any other arrangements. Will understood but we all missed him being there with us.

I could not get enough pictures of Will. This is one of him with his aunt Steph and Trent as we were leaving Mazzio's.

The flag on his uniform is inferred and when night vision is used it glows (?) and shows he is one of the "good guys".
Our American Solider, Our Hero, Our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend...

William Michael McAllister
Home for two weeks leave.
**Please keep him and all the others in your prayers.
We want him to come home again safe to us in late fall.


We are THAT Family said...

Lisa, that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us, so we can remember him.

Eckmama said...

can I 'borrow' that last picture? it won't let me click on it to make it big, so i can't steal it. ;) if you get a chance and don't mind will you email it to me?

Jessica said...

Thank You Will!

Mandy said...

Thats awesome Lisa! John will be home in June when the baby is born for 2 weeks :-)

Debbie in NC said...

If you get a chance please hug Will for me and thank him for his service! This was a wonderful post and brought tears to mye eyes!