Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Soccer Saturday!
I don't know if you can see it but the facial expressions are what I like most about the soccer pictures. Enlarge them and see if you can see the tongue sticking out or a surprised look on a face.
This is my nephew kicking the ball (picture below). He stayed the night with me last night so I could take him to the game. His daddy is a fire fighter and was not sure he would be home in time. Momma was at a Bible School Meeting and could not be there. I was going any way.
Doesn't he look good on the field? He plays goalie for most the game and then switches out so he can get some run time in. Plus he gets paid by grandma for points scored. I don't believe in doing that, but if she wants to then power to her. It is my mom doing it so I can say that!
He is becoming a much better player. Did not used to get in there and try to get the ball. He did not want to hurt anyone, I can understand that, but he is learning how to be more of a leader and I love seeing him grow into that position.
Here he is kicking the ball out while playing goalie.
Other team members are good as well. I love taking their pictures to give them at the end of the season.
I am the unofficial team photographer, but they love getting a disk at the end of the season filled with action shots of all the players.
We don't have very many kids so it is pretty easy to get shots of them all. Anyway I hope I did!

Next Saturday we will do a team picture and individuals then on Sunday afternoon is their last game of the season. Plus the Kentucky Derby is Saturday, busy weekend ahead!

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